Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mary Worth 541

Although it may be a little soon to present evidence that Joe T-shirt's life has actually been changed, I suggest the following:

This morning Joe was broke and out of work.
Now he runs his own home-based business and is loving it!
This morning Joe drove a broken down '92 Ford Escort.
Now Joe's Porsche Carrera GT is sitting outside in the Venue's parking lot.
This morning Joe was a lonely bachelor with no idea how to meet women.
Now Joe is happily married and raising five beautiful kids.

Believe me, I know what it's like to have your life changed instantaneously. Last week, I took Mrs. Wanders to see Paul McCartney at our local Venue. He had a few more people in the audience than Lawrence Jonis (at least 50,000 according to the Washington Post), but other than that, the experience was just as transformational. I'd never seen him before, and I was blown away by the performance. He played over 20 Beatles songs. He played for two hours and 45 minutes without a break and his band members looked exhausted by the end of the show, but he looked like he could keep going. Mrs. Wanders and I were sitting on the field, only 39 rows away, and we could see very well. He announced he was going to do a song he rarely performed, but he wanted to do it because he thought one of our local residents (President Obama), might want to sing it to his lady love, and he launched into the song, "Michelle." It is the song that Mrs. Wanders was literally named after. At that moment, I felt my life transformed. And while I don't currently drive a Porsche, I definitely am a changed man.

I took this picture with my cell phone so you could enjoy a bit of the concert as well.

And the Washington Post took this one:

Today's Full Strip


Anonymous said...

Clearly,Lawrence is too good for Delilah!

Paul Pennington said...

1. What's up with Joe's (?) (The transformed person) shirt? The right sleeve seems to be much longer than the left sleeve. Charlie Smith, Mr. Charterstone, had a similar shirt. Is this a "west coast" style that is heading east? And I don't mean like Head East's "There's Never Been Any Reason" from the 1970s.

2. Lawrence's tie and jacket are the same color and the color isn't a good one. What's that all about? Reminds me of the "burnt orange" pebble grained penny loafers from the late 1960s.

3. Joe's right hand seems to be larger than his left.

4. Breaking news for Wanders: That wasn't Paul McCartney at the concert in D.C. It was a series of computer generated digital images designed to look like him.

5. Just noticed the "Del" button on my keyboard. Maybe if I press it, Lawrences' wife will show up on the screen.

Steven W. said...

RE: The "Del" button. I guffawed.

I was wandering in the middle of the night and saw today's episode around 3 AM.

I still believe my post about a gun showing up will come true here.

"Pop-eyed phanatic plugs prominent Philosophy professor" most likely the guy on the right in the hospital jammies hiding a derringer behind his notepad.

Of course, I'm still waiting for the plane to crash.

Anonymous said...

I mistakenly thought the story was over when Delilah decided to go back home. All these panels about Lawrence indicate otherwise. I am really curious now to see what happens when they meet up again.

Tony said...

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today (8/8), for some reason, is running the Monday (8/10) editions of many of its comic strips, including Mary Worth. So I know what will happen next. For a small fee (payable through PayPal?), you can too!

pandagrandma said...

It appears that no one is listening to Mr. Rogaine's barked orders to "form one line". It's one big free-for-all! An already chaotic setting like this is just what we need for Steven's idea about the gun!

Robert said...

I don't believe Lawrence when he says, "I'm really glad to hear that!" His face is saying, "Back up, buddy, you're violating my personal space."

Vicki (reading pink books) said...

Shape-shifter Lawrence isn't even making eye contact with transformed, gushing Joe! I dunno, maybe Joe smells bad or maybe Lawrence is simply a snob. I still say L. is GAY and that's why he travels so much to avoid Del and her baby-making ideas.

Vicki said...

wanders--the concert sounds awesome!!! :)

Robert said...

Oh Vicki, if Lawrence were gay, wouldn't be dress better and use a better brand of hair care product?

djangosmom said...

Joe t-shirt somehow slipped out, combed his hair and changed into another shirt to fawn all over Lawrence for changing his life!
And just as Lawrence had finally met HIS soulmate, his wife shows up! Too bad, so sad!

Vicki said...

Well shucks, isn't Lawrence just the most humble thing!? "Thank you, Mr. Jonis!", "No, thank YOU for coming to hear me tonight!" "No, thank YOU for doing what you do!" *thumbs up!*

I must say, I like Lawrence's latest outfit change better. And didn't scuzzy Joe clean up NICE?

Djangosmom: You may be right. Somehow the look on "Mr. Jonis'" face, tells me he's not all that thrilled to see Del. We'll just have to wait and see if he gives her an autograph, as she anxiously has paper in hand. I guess if he does, she's golden!

Paul Pennington said...

1. Larry's books seem to be about the size of a note pad. Maybe they are children's books; 2. "It's a privilege to be here tonight" says Larry when it should be clear to the reader that it is broad daylight outside (previous panel); 3. Do the placement and size of the lettering on the Lawrence Jonis banners appear to change each day? I would love to have one to take to the Jonas Brothers concert in New Orleans on Aug 15.

Chester (behind Chas) said...

I tried the DEL button, too, all it did was make Elizabeth Hasselbeck give birth. Maybe it I push it again, the recession will be over and Charley can get his job back at Burger Chef, and mary can pass off her now rancid salmon squares as "Bum Boat To Go" on the corner.

Joe looks a bit like Chas Bono when we first meet him...

Del is here at the speaking engagement at the venue in the Valley. Is the paper she holds...divorce papers.,.notarized by the flight attendant of her short trip?

We need to know...what Lawrence speaks about, where Del stored her patio furniture, and WHEN will the yellow halter reappear?

And on top of all this, poor Mary cleaned her guest room for...nothing.

Chester (hidden by talk bubble) said...

Poor Del must be suffocating behind Joes talk balloon. And it is apparent she heisted one of Mary's favorite tops hwn she left Charterstone.

but, (I use all caps on purpose), what does the pink sign behind Lawrence say?

CHESTER said...

sorry about the ALL CAPS I hit the DEL button in error, oops, there goes Altoona!

Steven W. said...

No Plane Crash!!????!!! No Shooting!!???!!!

Mark Trail beats this by miles. I can only hope that Del & Lawrences lower circulation is cut off by the desk and they both end up in wheelchairs now.

djangosmom said...

Lawrence seemed to hesitate on his you. But that may have been because the table was in his groin. lol.

Chester (gagging) said...

8-10 strip...Gag me with a salmon square!!!

That's it?

Anonymous said...

The local sports radio show I occasionally listen to on the way home from work sometimes runs a segment called, "I'm so done with..." I'm --><-- this close to being done with Mary Worth. What a lame-o, good-for-nothing, limited appeal storyline this was.



dj said...

I know it would have been more interesting if Lawrence really was gay!

Vicki said...

Lawrence's entire left half of body in total darkness--CREEPY!! What's up with that?

I see that L. sold all his tiny pink books! Now maybe he'll have enough $$$ to put a few windows in their lovely valley home.

Where does all this leave Mary? And Charley? Mary's printed blouse is missing (see: Del in Sunday's comic) And poor Charley had to go out and buy a new South Pacific DVD.

And all I got was this lousy pink book. :(

Vicki said...

regarding banners: I think one of the words is "INSPIRATION". The "___EACH" part i'm not too sure about. Could it be Beach? Teach? Peach? Preach? Golden Corridor?

Anonymous said...

I think it is Impeach. lol

Chester (Coming up) said...

Wow, to see Sir Paul in person..that venue must have been crapp-er, pooping salmon aquares! My favorites of Pauls are Coming Up, the Christmas song, and most of his Columbia years