Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mary Worth 576

Some might argue, Scott, that both options are the same. Either way, I'm sure you'll be in your true love's arms soon enough, but probably not for very long.

Thanks, everyone for your concerns. I am not quite well yet. But I've taken your advice and upped my antibiotics regimen.

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Caroline said...

I've noticed that the countdown clock has reached zero, yet we're still on the way to the shakedown. We might be in for another week of being in the van, listening to Scott and his comrades say "someday, when this is all over, me and my girl are going to get married..."

Or they'll eventually arrive at the warehouse, the guys will pile out of the van, and Scott, hypnotized by Adrian's scary visage, will fail to notice, and remain sitting there.

PS: what's with all these Mary-free strips? She's like a guest star in her own feature these days.

Wanders said...

Actually, I consider this part of the shakedown... I thought I did quite a good job setting the countdown clock and predicting when it would occur.

Vicki said...

Oh sweetheart, trust me--you're still in a "danger zone" even when you're in Adrian's arms, Lol.

Maude Findlay said...

I think it's sort of quaint that Scott carries around an actual paper photo of his beloved Adrian- which he keeps, oddly enough, in his shoe. Most guys today just have a .jpg on their cell or Blackberry's wallpaper.

Caroline said...

Oh you absolutely did a good job with the countdown - if it came off sounding like a criticism it wasn't of you, but the writers. Based on past pacing we could be in for a few more days before they actually reach the warehouse. :)

Brick said...

A drive to the warehouse can't be very long, (Just how large is Santa Royale?) so there isn't much time left for Scott and his team to get PSYCHED for this dangerous mission.

Shouldn't he be pumping himself up, listening to Queen's "We are the Champions" or something? Because pulling Adrian out of his boot and imagining himself in her arms is clearly not putting him in the success zone.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better, Wanders!

This night is not going to end well for these lovers, who seem able to confess their love of the other to themselves, but seem to have yet to talk to the other.

Aside from Aldo, have any other characters died in SR lately?

Paul Pennington said...

Isn't there a danger that the intelligence gathering arm of the cartel will read the Mary Worth strip either in the paper or on the internet, or here at this site, and be tipped off about the forthcoming "shakedown?"

Worse, yet, they will have a full description of their adversaries and even the van in which they are traveling.

Leave it to the left-wing media to let the bag out of the cat BEFORE the operation takes place, putting innocent law enforcement officials at risk.

BTW, you dissenters are going to say that these thugs don't read the paper or use the internet. That old dog won't hunt.

Anonymous said...

Instead of bright yellow letters spelling out POLICE, couldn't they just have embroidered targets on what appear to be their parachute packs? And I can't wait till Scott arrives at the hospital and finds out he's engaged! If the cartel doesn't kill him, that information might!

Chester the Dog said...

Fact: Adrians photo smells like feet.

Fact: The other members of the SRPD must be constipated. Look at the glum look on their faces.

Fact: Airline life preservers must also be bullet proof.

Fact: Adrian thought balloons to her ring.

I am setting up my folding chair outside the WAREHOUSE now. Vicki, will you join me?

Taryn said...

Could you add either the Top Gun Danger Zone or Gwen Stefani's DZ song to the jukebox?

Hope you're feeling better!