Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mary Worth 579

Nooo, not Scott's Colleague! He has so much to live for! He just recently became engaged. Oh, Scott's Colleague, don't die. Don't die! Your lovely fiance, Eva, will never find solace should you leave her a lonely widow-to-be for the rest of her life. Get Scott's Colleague's wounded body down to Mountview Hospital immediately. Hopefully, Eva is on duty and can save him.

The saddest part of this whole situation is that clearly Scott's Colleague has been shot in the back by Scott's Other Colleague.

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Caroline said...

I'm glad the narration box told us it was Scott's colleague since there's no other way of telling them apart - where did the SRPD find all these blonde lookalike cops? Is there a local factory dedicated to churning them out? Maybe if Scott gets killed Adrian can take up with one of his colleagues. She's not smart enough to spot the difference.

Blam! Pow!

Chester the Dog said...

Wanders, Eva took the night off, remember, while the SHAKEDOWN is going on, she and her nurse pals ate pounding back mojitos at Red Lobster!

Brick said...

They don't have them surrounded?

Numbat said...

A force of men with blonde hair and blue eyes? Hmmm, been there, done that.

Oh noes, you've just found out my secret - I work for Mattel. Go Ken, go. Barbie needs you to live.

Not that Adrian looks anything like Barbie, but we gotta make do with what we're given.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Looks like Scott's Colleague and the rest of the Ken-doll cops are wearing bullet-proof vests. And Scott's Colleague was shot in the shoulder (if the art work is to be believed), so probably he'll live to save Santa Royale another day.

Watch for Scott to have his head blown off in the next day's comic.

Robert said...

The SRPD wasn't too smart to leave that huge warehouse doorway unsecured like that so that the evil H-Town dealers could get away so easily. It would serve them right if H-Town is relocated to a nice section of Charterstone, where they sell blocks of heroin with a free sample block of salmon squares.

Chester (bulletproof) said...

Robert: SRPD and "Smart" are rarely used in the same breath.

Why aren't they wearing headgear?

How did they get in of the warehouse has no doors or windows?

Who is minding their police van?

Just askin..

Brick said...

That's what was missing in yesterday's strip, the "we've got you surrounded" part, as in: "This is the Police! We've got you surrounded! Get down on the ground with your hands on your heads!"

What Scott's colleague yelled out instead sounded something like, "This is the Police! Yes, us, with the radiantly blonde hair! We're hiding in the back corner of your warehouse with only these crates for protection! And if you don't get down on the ground NOW, we'll come out from behind these crates!"

tuffenuf said...

They'll rip off the mask of one of the wounded cartel-ians and find...(gasp!) ...MARY!!!??? What the??????

hia5 said...

I gather that poor about-to-die Scott isn't very much liked by his fellow officers. Notice that it was "Scott's [only] colleague" that was shot, not "one of Scott's colleagues." Poor guy!

Vicki said...

Oh, man that's gotta' hurt! I'm so glad we don't know "The Colleague's" name so we can all be emotionally detached when he arrives DOA at Mountview Hosp! Then Scott will rush in and kiss A. on the lips and we will be ever so relieved and grateful that he survived. Poor Mrs. Colleague, though. :(

Stephanie said...

There must have been an excess on blonde lookalike males from Apartment 3G. Nice of them to lend some to Mary Worth!

Chester(soon to be mourning) said...

Well, after all this, it is good to know that Adrian can change into a black dress in her car on the way to the way to the funeral.

katyb said...

Scott's colleague goes down. Ho hum punctuation
Scott's colleague goes down!! Appropriate BlamPow punctuation.
What the (???)
Perhaps only St. Scott deserves fancy punctuation. (!)

Brick said...

Without further clarification, I must conclude that:
"When Scott Shoots One of the Drug Dealers..."

...the drug dealer, after hurling his briefcase at the far shoulder of Scott's downed colleague, empties a dummy cartridge in his general direction.

Vicki said...

Buh bye, Scott!

Chester (pressing his black suit) said...

I wonder what officer is going to get Scott's office, will La Rosa put his picture on a can by the cash register by the toothpicks, what will they sing at his service...just askin'

Brick said...

Excuse me, but the gun isn't even POINTED at him. Scott . will . live.

djangosmom said...

Chester-I think they will sing,
"Tell Adrian I love her,
Tell Adrian I need her.
Tell Adrian not to cry.
My love for her will never die."

With apologies to Mark Denning