Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mary Worth 643

Yes, I, Wanders, have returned, like a long lost son that you never knew about (if you are my dad; if you are my mother, you probably knew about me), and who you met on Facebook. I have decided to move in with you and my hot sister. I only hope that when you look at me, you'll think of my mother, and not resent me for being a total weirdo. And that you won't ask too many questions... like where have I been the last couple of weeks? There's a three part answer. First, I was sick a lot in December. Second, it's the holidays, so I spent as much time with Mrs. Wanders and the little Wanderers as possible. And third, we got Beatles Rockband for Christmas. Need I say more?

There's still a few more hours to stuff your ballots in the Worthy Awards ballot box. I know there won't be many surprises this year since the poll shows you the current results, but I hope you've had fun voting.

Happy New Year! Here's to all the great stories we'll read in 2010! And also, the Mary Worth stories we'll read.


Ian said...

Welcome back Wanders, happy New Year and thank you for the blog. Thanks also to the regular posters, a very clever bunch who bring a little joy every day.

Continental Op said...

Oh, Wanders, I remember when you were a true fan of Mary Worth! The days when Marmaduke could take that (back for good)! As though any Mary Worth storyline weren't the greatest thing ever. Ridiculous!

With the new year comes more Wilbur and con games and warnings of the imminent threat of anything remotely related to the Internet. It's going to be glorious!

phoebes in santa fe said...

Glad you're back and a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year to all.

Imogene said...

"Gosh, Mr. Weston, did you have the same experience loving my mother that I did? You could just love, love, love her, but she wouldn't love you back? Like, every time you tried to show her your love, she'd laugh at you, or make kind of mean jokes? I've brought along my duffel bag of there a place I can let them rest?"

Oh, Abby.

Welcome back, Wanders! And a Happy New Year to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Wait, you mean we can stuff the ballot boxes!?

[leaves to click furiously on "Hospital HiFi"]

pamster said...

"Fear the Internet but let complete strangers (whose only contact with you was a shady friending ON the Internet) stay at your house?" That is an etiquette rule I must have missed along the way.

mrvy said...

Happy New Year to Mr. and Mrs. Wanders and the young Wanderers. May health and prosperity be yours.

Poor, poor Wilbur. Mary, Wilbur needs your meddling touch! I wonder if a group intervention to rid Wilbur of this young man, complete with a unified chorus of "You'd Better Leave!" a la Aldo Kelrast, is in the works.

Of course, maybe I'm cynical -- he could be Wilbur's son, and thus a new regular feature.

Paul Pennington said...

I was going to join in with the rest of you to wish the Wanders family the best for the new year AND brand new decade, but became distracted when I saw that Kurt didn't bother to stand up to meet his half sister, Dawn.

His behavior borders on that of being curt, wouldn't you say? What was that name again -- Kurt? How much alike they sound.

Happy New Year from the Succotash Festival folks in Louisiana.

Robert said...

Welcome back, Wanders!

I see in both 12/31 and 1/1's strips, both Kurt and Wilbur use the exact phrase in their thought balloons, "put some demons to rest." Clearly this means Wilbur IS Kurt's father, since they think alike, and they'll have to team up to defeat the demon ghost that is Abby. I expect Dawn to sit in front of the TV and tell us, "She's here!" and maybe Toby's head will spin around right before she throws up salmon squares on Ian.

katyb said...

Best for 2010 Wanders. May I make a suggestion for the new decade's Worthy Awards?

Lost Plotlines: What ever happened to that $50,000? And what about Scott's leg, anyway?

Mute Witnesses: Hospital HiFi being the most beloved example, but I bet if Mary's roses could talk, they'd have plenty to say, too!


lovesmary said...

i'm starting to doubt my original theory of kurt wanting to harvest one of wilbur's spare body parts. this "laying demons to rest" thing bodes well for a supernatural storyline to come. i say it's high time this strip jumped on that bandwagon and i cannot wait to see what develops!

Chester the Dog said...

Sundays strip: WHO THE HECK is sitting in the living room in the last frame? It looks like Tom Brokaw came by for a visit.

Anonymous said...

OK, so here we have it. A complete stranger emails you on the interweb, claims to be your son and shows up at your front door unannounced. Do you....

1) Refuse to answer the door.
2) Call the cops and have him
escorted from the premises.
3) Welcome him in, allow
him to reside with you &
your not too bright
daughter and enlist his help
to put your demons to rest.

By the way, is that stubble or acne on Kurt's face? In any case, this is Moy's clue to us all that Wilbur had better watch out. Does anyone see an ax murder in Wilbur's future? And can Mary save the day?

Chester the Dog said...

"She has since died." Kinda of like my interest in Wilbur.

And, Wilbur sure seems like a candidate for Overeaters Anon. All he does is chow down. No wonder Dawn is so thin, there is nothing left in the fridge for her after her dad attacks it!

Anonymous said...

Wait--you got Beatles Rock Band and didn't invite me over?