Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Worthy Awards!

WELCOME to the Second Annual Worthy Awards, celebrating Mary Worth's greatest achievements in 2009. Hundreds of votes have been cast in each of five categories. Tonight we honor your favorite moments!

But first, please be sure to visit this year's Worthy Award's sponsor: Harriet Carter: Distinctive gifts since 1958. I'm sure this is where my grandmother used to get my Christmas presents. These gifts are guaranteed NOT to be re-gifted. Who would dare?

Each year, our highly partial panel of judges on the Charterstone Condo Board selects one lucky recipient of the Aldo Kelrast award. This special award is given to a character who died. This year, the Aldo goes to Officer Millet, better known as Scott Hewlett's Colleague, who was brutally murdered in a drug raid at the Santaroymart Warehouse, and then quickly forgotten as we worried endlessly about Scott's numb leg. Congratulations!

And now, without further delay, let's get right down to it:


The nominees are:

Scott's Sling

Delilah's Midriff

Mary's Pink Corn Husk Dress

Charley Smith's Bowling Shirt

And the winner is:

Delilah's Midriff

After Ian Cameron's swim trunks took this award last year, this is a welcome relief, although it does imply that Mary Worth readers like a lot of skin.


The nominees are:

Delilah Jonis

Hospital Hi-Fi

Ted Confey

Charley Smith

And the winner is:

Charley Smith

Proving once and for all that their are no small parts, only small comic strips.


The nominees are:

Jeff Corey, M.D.

Adrian Corey, M.D.

Mary Worth

Toby Cameron

And the Worthy Award goes to:

Adrian Corey, M.D.

This is Adrian Corey's first Worthy Award, but not her first boy friend. Nor her last.

All of tonight's nominees were selected by the extremely partial Charterstone Condo Board. But remember, the winners were chosen by you. You should be very proud.


The nominees are:

Mary Through the Looking Glass

Shoot Out at the Santaroymart Warehouse

He Even Calls Me Queenie

You're Looking Very Fine

And the Panel of the Year is:

Shoot Out at the Santaroymart Warehouse

This year's panel reminds us why we all love Joe Giella. You can take the artist away from the Super Hero, but you can't take the Super Hero out of the artist. Mary Worth could use a few more shootouts, don't you think?

And now, the moment we have all been waiting for!


Valley of the Dels

The Queenie and Ted! Long Live the Queenie!

I Once Loved a Great Man

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me!

And the Outstanding Story of the Year Worthy Award goes to:

The Queenie and Ted! Long Live the Queenie!

Well, it has been quite a year in Santa Royale! And 2010 is already shaping up nicely, what with Wilbur Weston's love child showing up to live with him and Dawn. So here's to the coming year! And a special thanks to Karen Moy and Joe Gielle for all they do to keep us entertained. And an even bigger thanks to you, Dear Reader, for your willingness to put up with this blog, and especially for all your wonderful (family friendly) comments. You put a smile on my face every day.

Happy New Year!


Amber said...

Happy New Years that will be expanded, Wanders.


Vicki said...

Whew, what a trip down memory lane that was! Alas, poor ol' hospital hi-fi gave it a good effort, but came up a little short.
Can't wait to see the exciting stories for 2010.

Happy New Year everyone!

tuffenuf said...

Happy 2010 Wanders. Wishing you a happy healthy new year. Thanks for the laughs!

HeavenlyJane said...

Thanks for a great 2009, when I first discovered your blog. We will be companions this entire year.

djangosmom said...

Dawn says,"What I might have a brother! What my Dad was promiscuous?! I need to go back to therapy!"

Anonymous said...

Yep, the first casualty of 2010 will be Dawn's fragile psyche.

pandagrandma said...

Re 1/2/10 Strip
I think Dawn is more shocked at the thought that her father could have ever done the "wild thing." It is so incomprehensible to young people that their parents could have ever done (or continue to do) such a thing, even though they are standing there as living, breathing proof of it.

Vicki said...

Ok, this is where Moy, "Hater-of-All-Things- Internet" should show us a GOOD thing about the internet. Have Wilbur go online and check out the Santa Royale 'registered sexual offender' database and, I dunno...see if maybe Kurt's name is on it???
Or since they keep mentioning 'demons' maybe Santa Royale has a "demon registry"? (We know Ted Confey's name is on that one !)

Vicki said...

Oh, and Happy Palindrome Day to you all! That would be: 01-02-2010!

phoebes in santa fe said...

Uh UH. The "pictures that would scar children for life" should have won best over-all scene. They were robbed. I mean, not to have even been nominated!!!

I waited all year to see those pictures nominated and what happens? Stupid "hospital hi-fi" was nominated instead. That blows.

Maybe next year Moy and Giella could do a story on how those pictures affected Mary and all the other Charterstone denizens.

Imogene said...

While I'm disappointed that Delilah's midriff and that no-good ole friend Charley won so many awards, I'm thrilled that "Queenie" got the recognition the story deserved!

If I were Dawn, I would pack up my new, rather jagged halo, jewelry, and other valuables, and move in with a friend until my so-totally-tech-unsavvy father got rid of the uninvited stranger in my home. Perhaps Dawn could alert Wilbur to a new-fangled sciency thing called DNA testing? And give Kurt Evans a list of nice motels in Santa Royale?

Oops...Mary hasn't had a chance to meddle yet...never mind!

Paul Pennington said...

Oh Boy! Finally a splash of real color in panel 2 -- the red box of crackers. However, the CharterStone Tan seems to have escaped the wall and landed on Dawn's head, creating an odd color combination with her dark hair. This tan, CharterStone Tan, is an icky color. No wonder so many folks in this strip are off-center.

Toots McGee said...

Nicely done, Wanders.

I'd like to pout about Hospital Hi-Fi, but he's a big boy and his time will come. Who knows, Wilbur may be spending time with HH-F when Kurt jacks one of his kidneys.

"My kidneys are no good. They've demons"

Vicki said...

Wilbur eats really weird stuff, doesn't he!? Today it looks like a heaping bowl of rice, and crackers, is on the lunch menu.
Noticing the ULTRA STRANGE perspective (stranger than usual!)in Sunday's strip's last panel, perhaps Wilbur is perpetually nauseated from walking about his dem0n-possessed condo? I mean, the place looks like a freakin' fun house!

Toots McGee said...

Oh yeah, Dawn has been looking a lot like the woman from American Gothic lately.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the only way Hi-Fi doesn't win is if Charley stuffed the ballot box. I mean, he is that kind of guy.

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