Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mary Worth 644

Well, we're off to a very promising start. I loved this story when it was a movie and Will Ferrell played Kurt, and James Caan was his dad, Wilbur, only Kurt was named Buddy the Elf in the movie and Dawn was his brother who didn't like Kurt until he threw really fast snow balls in Central Park. It is my favorite Christmas movie. Hopefully we won't find out that Mary Worth sits on a throne of lies.

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phoebes in santa fe said...

Oh, please. Nothing with comb-over Wilbur could ever be interesting. By the way, Dawn doesn't seem all that perturbed about a possible claimant for half of Wilbur's earthly goods.

And, why do all these young women seem to live at home, long after the time they should be out on their own?

hia5 said...

Wilbur seems to have a cafeteria in his kitchen (which is, I think, a grand innovation). Otherwise why is he carrying his meal on a tray?

katyb said...

I love the idea that "it's possible" that Wilbur could be Kurt's daddy. Because he knew her mother in college. Or shall we say, "university?"

However, there are no quote marks bracketing "knew," thus indicating by nudge-nudge-wink-wink that Moy might be using the biblical sense of the word.

So we have a whole new development here in funny pages ideas of human reproduction:

"Hi, I'm Wilbur. Happy to "know" you. Have the kid check back in 20 years or so. I'll be the fat guy eating sandwiches. You'll be dead. Cheers!"

Yikes. There will be rug rats everywhere!

Imogene said...

I believe we're seeing Wilbur's version of a paternity test: he's going to carry a glass of milk and a butter dish to the living room and offer them to Kurt. If Kurt asks if he might have some slices of white bread and ham to go with the butter, Wilbur will know: this IS his son!

It is odd, isn't it, how complacent Dawn is about her father possibly having an illegitimate son...her life outside their condo must be way too exciting to be shown in the strip.

Chester (on his own) said...

phoebes: I have wondered that too, for a long time