Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mary Worth 648

"Kurty-Wurty, your real daddy and I knew each other for three months in 1977. I was a wild and carefree local girl and he was journalism student at Local University. When I learned I was expecting you, I ditched him so I could raise you all by myself. You'll really like him. Here are forty-seven photos of us together having a wonderful time. When I'm dead, find him, bring him these photos, and go fishing with him. Happy birthday, my great big seven-year-old."

Dear reader, Brian, has pointed out that the Seattle PI has started allowing readers to rate each comic strip they print. It's a great opportunity to let the editors in Seattle know how you feel about Mary Worth.

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Imogene said...

In all the excitement of planning a fishing trip, Kurt and Wilbur forgot all about Abby, but after they'd reached their agreement, they remembered her. If only Wilbur could remember Dawn! Before her eyes bore holes into his carotid artery!

By the way, when during all this bonding and reminiscing, did Wilbur move to a 4th floor condo unit in a newly attached wing that still only has tarpaper on the outside?

Chester (pole in hand) said...

I see the window also enjoys fishing. Maybe it and Hospital Hi-fi can make a day of it.

I wonder if Abby was ever in Fleetwood Mac?

Birdie said...

Dawn is eye-boring furious now, but that will soon turn to romantic feelings for young Kurt. And that's OK, even though he is Wilbur's child.

Because it'll turn out that she isn't.

Brick said...
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Brick said...

It'll never work out between Kurt and Dawn; she'll never leave home and it's hard for him to stay in one place. Plus, at the present moment, he's a ten-year-old.

phoebes in santa fe said...

OMG - from Monday's strip.

Kurt does odd jobs and roams from place to place, with an "uneasy restlessness".

I wonder if he's a serial killer??? Of course, as Brick rather astutely pointed out, Kurt is a ten year old, so maybe his killing skills aren't too developed.

Julie C. said...

Dawn looks just like this lolcat: