Monday, January 11, 2010

Mary Worth 649

I also like to wear women's shoes.

Today's Full Strip


phoebes in santa fe said...

"So tell me about yourself, Kurt"?

As I already pointed out on yesterday's page, Kurt says today that he's an odd job man and doesn't stay in one place because of "restlessness". I think he's a serial killer, roaming from place to place.

How could Wilbur take this man - young or old we can't tell - into his home and THEN ask him about himself? Moy's just phoning this one in - it's already collapsed into a complete mess. Along with the artwork, too, sometimes showing Kurt as a ten year old in women's shoes.

Robert said...

"I suffer from an uneasy restlessness"? Who in the world talks like that?

Vicki said...

Wait til Dawn comes home and goes looking in her closet for her designer shoes! Someones' going to die for sure!

Now excuse me while I go put on a hat.

hia5 said...

Robert said: ""I suffer from an uneasy restlessness"? Who in the world talks like that?" I have been suffering the pain ad anguish of easy restlessness for nearly 10 years and can fully appreciate how much more people with uneasy restlessness suffer than I. We sufferers of both easy and uneasy restlessness do talk like that; it is, in fact, a symptom of our illness.

Chester (com'on down) The Dog said...

In the second panel, Wilbur looks just like former announcer of The Price Is Right, Johnny Olsen.

Apparently todays showcase features lovely fishing equipment from the Montgomery Wards catalog!

Richard Lindberg said...

I understand the thing that differentiates easy restlessness from uneasy restlessness is the ability to fish while talking about it.

With uneasy restlessness, you mumble something and just walk off.

Duckdg said...

Now that I see him in a baseball hat, I think I remember seeing Kurt before. Wasn't he running in the background of one or more of the pool party scenes?

djangosmom said...

I think maybe $50,000.00 will ease Kurt's restlessness.

Imogene said...

I, also, am a sufferer of restlessness; sometimes easy, sometimes un-. However, no matter how much I wish it were possible, my body does not dramatically change size, i.e. shrink, during a drive to someplace like a dock. Darn it.

Also, I do not go around accusing strangers of being my parents. Or serial killing. I think Kurt may be troubled in some way. A way that I really hope will be interesting.

katyb said...

Restlessly, and uneasily, I agree with phoebes in santa fe.

See, first comes "I thought we agreed not to meet yet!"

Next comes, "Tell me about yourself. Do you like sandwiches?"

Then comes "Let's go fishing!"

Then finally "Manolo's or Jimmy Choo's?"