Monday, March 22, 2010

Mary Worth 710

This can mean only one thing: Doctor Drew "I'm a Doctor" Corey, M.D., has returned from Vietnam. For those of you worried that Mary Worth has been relegated to sitting poolside at the annual pool party and making obvious observations on the residents of Charterstone, never fear -- If there's one person's private affairs Mary Worth can't resist, it's Doctor Drew Corey, M.D.'s.

I had to endure Kurt Evans, the Almost Son, to make me appreciate the Return of Doctor Drew Corey, M.D.

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tuffenuf said...

First of all... THANK GOD there is someone in the panel besides Wilbur, Kurt and/or Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly - Does it seem awkward to anyone else that Mary has positioned her lawn chair directly in Toby's lap?

Hooray for Mary! Good Riddance to the story that never ends!!!! Ahhh, springtime - a rebirth of sorts!

phoebes in santa fe said...

No, no, no! I HATE Dr Drew. There's something so smarmy about him I can't stand. Dr Jeff isn't that way, and neither is Dr Adrien, so Dr Jeff must be like his mother, Mrs Dr Jeff.

Toots McGee said...

"Speaking of returns....I think these deck chairs should be returned to whoever supplied them. My butt has worked its way into a gap between these supportive straps and is almost touching the ground!"

Tony said...

You may be right about the return of Dr. Drew. I had thought Mary was thinking of starting on her income tax return and was grateful for the reminder.

Maude Findlay said...

Tony, I was thinking tax returns, too! April 15th is coming up soon- but if Mary can file for an extension, I'd say we're in for a pretty exciting next 4 months!

Vicki (on pins and needles!) said...

First of all, let's all give a warm Charterstone "Welcome Back" to Iris! You were sorely missed by all.

Dr. Drew Corey, M.D. has indeed been AWOL for some time. It probably is time for his sorry butt to return. I just hope it's not the return of Del and Lawrence with their spawn!

I do like Ella Byrd, though. She's the gal who made Mary so jealous, so if SHE returned, that would be ok with me!

Amber said...


At least, that's what I'm hoping for. But I'd settle for the RETURN of Ian's Worthy-award winning bathing suit.

Or did Toby RETURN it?

Anonymous said...

Mary has positioned her lawn chair directly in Toby's lap = everything's back to normal.

I LOVE how condescending Mary is in that first panel:

TOBY: Look! It's Iris!
MARY: Yes, you big dummy. You can identify things you can see, how very good for you. Have a treat.

A vacant-eyed Toby repeatedly pokes a potato chip against her closed mouth. Mary plots the triumphant return of her patron deity, the Old One, dreaded Cthulhu.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that we are deprived of watching for weeks as Dawn explains the whole Kurt saga to Mary? I was so looking forward to a recap. Mary must be told.

Anonymous said...

As Kurt fades off into squalor and poverty, we are left to ponder the future of Kurt's baby. In fact, I am compelled to break into song:

On a cold and gray Chicago morn
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto
And his mama cries

Imogene said...

"Speaking of returns...Toby, I had just taken a nibble of that potato chip; please give it back right now!"

Or, perhaps, Mary is thinking of the pool this party is named for; it doesn't seem to be there this year. Out for repairs maybe?

Tony said...

(Tuesday's strip) Of course!(slapping myself on the forehead) Mary's blouse! How could we not have guessed that is her return?

Chester said...

Which poorly drawn in the background is Iris?