Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mary Worth 765

Ooooh, is that what we're talking about?

Me: Hi, Doctor Roberts, how are you?
Dr. Roberts: Me? Oh, love may not be meant for me.
Me: Uh... Oh. Really? Okay...
Dr. Roberts: Love isn't meant for everyone.
Me: Well, you may feel that way now, but... even I found my soul mate.
Dr. Roberts: But love may not be meant for me.
Me: Oh, don't be so discouraged.
Dr. Roberts: Love isn't meant for everyone. Well, that's the end of our session. The receptionist can schedule your next appointment on your way out.

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maconmemad said...

Mary's expression says it all. "OK, here's another one who's life I need to weasel myself into! I have needs dear doctor... that you might not want to hear..."

Nathan said...

I am deeply offended that Mary Worth is bringing in a brand new handsome doctor with romance issues instead of utilizing the already existing character of Drew Corey. Doctor Roberts is simply nowhere NEAR Drew's level of suave sophistication.

Anonymous said...

I really find the old strips so much more interesting than Moy's drivel. Maybe recycling the 1940's and 50's may be the solution to the boredom. But I am confused. How did Cat Woman and Dondi get into the strip?

Anonymous said...

And Mary looks suspiciously like Mrs. McGowan.

Anonymous said...
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hekatesgal said...

How is Mary standing? Is she tilting at the waist so her shoulders stay in perfect line with her neck? is she wearing a back brace?