Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mary Worth 773

So how do Mrs. Wanders and I know whether we are a couple who benefits from outside support, or a couple who is harmed by outside support if we can't know until after it's too late? In our case, a need for outside support is not immediately apparent, so maybe that's a telltale sign. Do we risk it? Do we call Jenna Thomas for some outside support, or will our world fall apart around us if we do? Maybe if she stares at our file for a week or two, she can discern whether or not we need outside support. I think I'm going to go outside. A little yard work and fresh air are probably the best supports I can get.

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Vicki said...

Wanders, don't be too risky there! This is serious business. You may even need a big graph chart on your wall! Most couples don't KNOW they need Jenna's outside help until there's a crisis. Evidently nothing bad will happen, though, once Jenna is on your case 24/7.

I am a little confused as to WHY Jenna took Bonnie's? files home with her. I do hope she's not planning to entertain and amuse Aunt Sarah with the Johnsons' confidential information!

djangosmom said...

I hope someone tells Jenna that she shouldn't wear a swimsuit to the Pool's not that kind of pool party. lol.

trixietrudy said...

I think Jenna needs the outside support of a psychiatrist. And, due to my powers of clairvoyance, I think she is going to meet one very soon. Not a moment too soon.

Maude Findlay said...

A few tips, to determine whether or not your marriage would benefit from outside support-

1- Look around your home. Do you see boxes of varying colors, sizes and shapes? 1950's style women's suits on dressmaker's mannequins?

2- Are you wearing an oversized novelty sombrero?

3- Have you noticed your spouse's appearance change in radical ways, only to return to normal every week?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, perhaps your marriage could benefit from outside support.