Monday, June 14, 2010

Mary Worth: February 21, 1949

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Anonymous said...

At first, in Monday's comic, I was wondering why Mary was wearing glasses! Then I realized that it was just Mary's twin sister, Marcy. I think it's cute the way they still like to wear matching clothes.

Bean Dip said...

We have a Pool Party going on...where is everyone? Hello?

Chester licking the pavement) said...

I like the pool parties. Unruly kids, old ladies in glasses dress up as Mary and give terrible advice (oh, that IS Mary), Jenna drops in to put her brochures on the food table next to the salmon squares (I bet the brochures are tastier), Toby smells her fingers, and a certain doctor jumps into her car and changes her clothes every half hour.

Well, off to enjoy a brochure with kethcup!

Vicki (nothing to eat here!) said...

This "pool" party is hilarious! People are all different SiZeS and spread waaay far apart from one another! Missing all the fun, though, is chin beard in his swim trunks. I do hope the Camerons are able to attend!

Apparently Jenna was confused by the memo explaining "no Swimming" at the pool party, and decided to play it safe by wearing a 'tankini' that can be passed off as a halter top and shorts.

She is certainly obsessed with Bonnie? Johnson isn't she!?
The Johnson's are probably getting rather spooked by her by now. I imagine she calls them several times a day.

floral shirt guy said...

Will someone please come talk to me? I feel so awkward standing here by myself!

Charlene said...

I love these old strips.

And it was true: many of the contractors were putting up houses at an astonishing rate. I lived in one of them: not one wall was plumb, they ran the sewer pipe under the furnace (guess where it sprung a leak - ugh), and the kitchen was so badly designed that to drain pasta, you had to carry a boiling-hot pot of water completely around the kitchen table.