Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mary Worth 801

Jenna. Mary. Book you should read:

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Maude Findlay said...

I think I've figured this thing out- Mike has a TWIN! Yes, that's IT! Jenna went out on the date with the ''good'' twin, Mike- but he's been locked in the closet, tied up and gagged, while the ''evil'' twin, Ike has taken over his life! Hmm...Mike & Ike... I suddenly have a craving for fruity, chewy candy!

Miss Emish said...

Yep. Guys are pre-ty easy to figure out. Although I've never read it, I think that's one of the best book titles ever (at least of the self-help genre). Of course, they kinda give it all away with the title. I don't need to read it now! Of course this is Mary Worth, so the Real Reason for Mike's radio silence is something much, much more boring.

Nathan said...

Clearly, over the past few weeks Mike has been busy embarking on a secret relationship with Dawn Weston, college student and failed lover extraordinare.

When Jenna finally catches the two of them riding smallish horses together and slaps Mike's suave, handsome Doctor-face so hard it becomes briefly luminescent, the irony is going to be soooo beautiful. *sniff*

Or maybe Dr. Mike just forgot to pay his phone bill.

Vicki said...

Maybe he doesn't like that silly pony tail, sticking out in the back like the hair of a nine year old! I know I don't like it!

@Chester --hey, your picture in the New York Times is very cool!!! Other news out of NYC such as bedbugs in Manhattan and fears of WEst Nile Virus, not so good.