Wednesday, September 1, 2010

King of the Super Highway

I was thinking as I drove home tonight that the most technologically advanced States are the ones that print their websites on their license plates. For instance, I live in Maryland, and we have URL's on our license plates.

You won't be surprised to learn that Maryland is a technologically advanced State since I live here and I keep a blog, a sure sign of our State's technological achievements.

Just to the north of us, just over the Mason-Dixon line, is Pennsylvania and they've copied us, even though they aren't as advanced technologically.

In fact, their plates just say visit PA, I think because not very many people know how to spell Pennsylvania. It's a hard name to spell, and they certainly don't want people mistyping the URL and ending up in some dangerous part of the Interwebs.

Massachusetts has a number of different styles of plates, but this one features a URL:

It's ironic for a library to have a website isn't it? Since people who surf the web don't read books. I'm not sure how many people have actually ordered this license plate. NOT cool.

The most technologically advanced state is clearly Florida. They have even changed the name of their state to

I'm very proud to live in Maryland which is so techno-savvy. Maybe one day, as our country becomes more technologically advanced, other states will be able to create websites to print on their license plates. I know draws many visitors every day just because they saw the URL on my plates.

Oh, drat! I knew I was forgetting something. Did I miss the funeral? I'm so sorry. I really wanted to be there.


Imogene said...

Oh, don't worry Wanders; you didn't miss much. The only attendees were Fred and one of the funeral directors. Mikey got tired of waiting for Richie's killer to show up and finally identify himself, and shaking with grief and anger, shut the lid on poor old Lonnie. The reception should be more fun, though. I wouldn't be surprised to see fireworks, actually.

You know you're in a low-technology state when your license plates say "Famous Potatoes" on them. (No offense to any fine Idahoans reading this!)

Richie's Killer said...


Anonymous said...

It's ok you missed the funeral. Just try and not miss mine. I'll do all I can to do the deed at a convenient time.....Dad