Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mary Worth 847

"Must... insert... pâté... directly into spleen... to keep from shrinking... any smaller..."

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pamster said...

Don't be sorry, Jenna - it's okay! I'll quote a Frost poem for a cliche!

Punky said...

Yes, Dr. Mike, you and your father may have made your peace, but how did you explain the two months you didn't call Jenna back? "Uh, I was emotionally frozen. But now I'm all better!" Jenna should have written to Dear Abby instead of having tea with Mary Worth. Abby would have told her in no uncertain terms to run the other way from this loser. And hey, are those five hot dogs sitting in front of Dr. Mike? Glad he's having a light lunch.

heydave said...

Having lunch at a preschool where they serve hot dogs makes everything all better!

Tony said...

Haven't we seen the
"I'm sorry about....(fill in the blank)...",
"Don't be."
sequence before?
Would a more appropriate response be,
"I appreciate your concern. But I'm at peace with how it ended." ?

Toots McGee said...

I eat my glop just like Mike. I scoop up a portion of glop on my eating utensil, then I move the utensil horizontally until it is a few inches from my torso and only then do I raise the utensil vertically towards my mouth.

Chester (feeling ill) said...

What a tasty lunch! Not...

Vicki said...

Oh how I love a restaurant that serves a decent pate with rice cakes on the side! "Yes, waiter I'll have the number six tan plate special!"

duckdg said...

Two stories emerged that seemed pretty good,
And sorry I could not follow both
Being a facile character, so long I stood
And followed one as far as he could
To a park bench in the undergrowth;

Then considered the other, just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because she was classy and had blue hair;
Though as for that the narrative there
Would interest readers about the same,

On my own office sofa, for days I lay
Exhibiting the qualities of a pathetic quack,
And kept the romance, for another day
Knowing that Mary and a rare bouquet,
Would deliver it here if I doubled back.

So I’m telling you this with finger held high.
Without sorrow, regret, or false pretense.
Two stories emerged that were good, and I-
I followed the first until it conveniently died,
And that has made all the difference.

pamster said...

Bravo, duckdg!

Anonymous said...

"Sorry about what happend" she says. "Don't be, he says. All those years of despising my father for leaving I can finally put behind me....I mean, now that I know that he left for a good reason, it's pefectly understandable. He devoted his life to finding his friend's killer...just like OJ. If I'd only known, I could have helped him. But, in just 24 hours we bonded. And he was good enough to die before I had to actually take care of him. Cirrosis can be such a nasty disease. Jenna, I'm free to love again. Oooh...I'm starting to feel all buzzzy. Care for a hotdog?

maconmemad said...

Yes the "sorry for ____" with the "don't be" should be patented by Moye it is so used over and over,

heydave said...

Nice job, duckdg.

duckdg said...

Thanks and kindly forgive the punctuation. I was rushed. A beautiful poem. I hope Frost can forgive me too!

hia5 said...

My God! Dr Mikey must have taken Jenna to that particular restaurant because all the food matches his orange jacket. And shouldn't he be wearing a big gold chain around his neck to go with his Saturday Night Fever outfit?