Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mary Worth 876

Typically, time moves slowly in the Worthiverse, but this week things have been moving along nicely. Not since Drew Corey went to Vietnam have events occurred more quickly than Adrian changing her opinion about her wedding dress. Let’s break this down a bit:

Adrian: What do you ladies think?
Mary: Oh, Adrian… it’s beautiful.
Adrian: I really like this dress! What’s your verdict, Jill? It has the perfect combination of the features I love!
Mary: It really suits you.
Adrian: I never thought I could look this way before!
Mary: It’s marvelous! You look lovely.
Adrian: I do?
Mary: It’s perfect Adrian! It’s simple yet flattering.
Adrian: I like it too. I never felt this way before. What do you think Jill?
Jill: Ha ha ha ha!… Ha ha ha ha!… Adrian, you look so SILLY!
Adrian: Oh NO! … Silly’s not the look I’m going for!
Jill: It’s so old-fashioned! You don’t want to look like you’re from another era, do you?
Adrian: No… But I LIKE this dress! Does it really look unfashionable?
Mary: I don’t think so at all! It’s beautiful and classic! And the important thing is YOU LIKE IT!
Jill: Don’t kid yourself, Adrian! The important thing is that YOU LOOK GOOD!
Adrian: I don’t want to walk down the aisle as A JOKE!
Jill: It would be wrong if you did. This doesn’t look good.

Perhaps growing up with Dr. Jeff and Dr. Drew, Adrian has learned that her opinion is as substantial as a Jujube.

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mrvy said...

Mary hasn't looked so menacing at someone since Charley threatened Delilah's virtue. Jill's doomed.

Adrian looks like she's about to succumb to food poisoning, poor thing.

Steve_J_23 said...

And what's happening to Jill's face? It looks like Salvador Dali has drawn it, it's melting off!

Meanwhile, Mary moves in for the kill... that wedding dress WILL be worn!

Brick said...

Silly? A joke? What if Jill knows something we don't know? What if Jill is responding to Adrian's age?

Although Mary is likely to be dismissive of age as a consideration, the mature bride of 40+ years would want a more age appropriate dress.

Doctor Adrian, the medical professional, might consider something with straps or sleeves, a jacket or wrap, and a more streamline silhouette.

Jared said...

"…and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood."

Marypocalypse now.

Robert said...

Mary's face looks like it's melting, but what about Adrian's face? Her mild confusion about the difference between pretty and silly is causing her face to distort into a mask of Hulk-like fury.

At Jill's directive, Adrian's going to next try on something Pamela Anderson might wear at her next wedding.

Vicki, wedding planner... said...

That phrasing is so ODD it makes my head hurt! : "It would be WRONG if [A] walked down the aisle as a joke"?
Maybe she could still wear the dress, but make it "right" for Jill by having the attendants dressed as clowns and dancing bears. That way, THEY could be the joke instead of the bride. Problem solved!
Where has the sales lady taken off to? I bet she's in a fetal position somewhere, going "I hate my job, I hate my job..."

maconmemad said...

Moy is a genius! Just in time for Halloween - can't you see this unfolding? As Adrian walks down the aisle of the church looking like a JOKE, everyone starts to laugh Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaa! Enraged Adrian goes all Carrie on them elevating up over the crowd spewing death and destruction on everyone!

Chester (waiting in the car) said...

Adrian is not very happy, I think she in transforming into the not-incredible hulk-bride.

Isn't it the saleslady's job to diffuse these types of situations? Where is she?

Why did Adrian even sugest to Jill that she come along, if she knew what a party pooper she is?

trixietrudy said...

Notice how Jill (looking more Jack-like than ever) is encroaching on Mary's personal space, making Mary retreat into her own withering body. NOBODY encroaches on Mary's space, especially someone as transparently evil as Jill. Mary's face is worth a thousand words.

Yasmin said...

"I don't want to walk down the aisle as a joke...because the punchline isn't due in another 6 months!"

That's right, people. Look at the way Adrian's clutching her stomach, the home of her soon-to-be meddled unborn child.

This storyline better spiral into a pro-life/pro-choice debate. And we know Mary will be vehemently opposed to any choice that isn't made by her.

Punky said...

The panel chosen by Wanders today is priceless, for the animated (and odd) expressions on everyone's face. Every time I look at it (and I've gone back several times today) I laugh out loud. And to think I was such a naysayer when this storyline began! How long will we have to wait until Mary finally lets Jill know what we all know she thinks? (That is, if Mary and Jill have been introduced yet - that still is not clear.)

Anonymous said...

Jujubes are fat free?

Amanda Kate said...

Judging by the look on Mary's face, I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few weeks Jill met with an unfortunate drunk driving "accident" reminiscent of Aldo Kelrast. People will wonder at the coincidence of the two tragedies, but sadly the police will never put two and two together, and Mary's reign of terror will continue unabated.

However, Adrian will look lovely in the beautiful classic dress Mary tells her to wear.

Robert said...

Giella's amazed me: so far, he's managed to draw that wedding gown pretty much as it is when it first appeared! It hasn't suddenly sprouted shoulder straps or a waist peplum!

birdie said...

No, Robert, but the veil has changed quite a bit from the funny totem pole effect we first saw. Tha really would have beena joke walking down the aisle.

Anonymous said...

Why? Why has Mary let this impudent dolt continue to live?

Reach into her chest, Mary! Take her life force!