Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mary Worth 877

It's especially hard to see yourself clearly in a funhouse mirror that inflates your head, dislocates your shoulder and spins your veil around backwards.

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birdie said...

Wow! Mary gave Jill a black eye!

tuffenuf said...


Punky said...

I don't know what to be scared about first: the black eye, the inflated head, the missing saleslady, or the fact that the pumpkin-colored couch just turned sky blue. Spooky!

Chester the Dog said...

I am more concerned that it appears to be midnight outside. How long did it take Adrian tio put on the dress? The saleslady is probally home in bed by this time.

CATFIGHT!!!!!! is right! Call Bravo-TV, I smelll a hit!

Jared said...

Adrian's opinion is the one that matters most!

And nobody tells Adrian what her opinion is except me! Mary Worth!

p.s. CATFIGHT!!!!!!

tuffenuf said...

Jill better watch out.
Mary has a black belt!

(...somewhere. ...for some outfit)


Nathan said...

While Mary Worth and Jill Black argue ferociously in the foreground, Adrian, entranced by the strange, shifting images in the mirror, steps Through the Looking Glass and is lost.

This story will definitely take a turn for the better once it moves from "Mary and Jill argue over Adrian's wedding plans" to "Mary and Jill travel together through the strange, surreal landscape of the Looking Glass world, battling the evil minions of Ted the Mirror Demon in a desperate attempt to rescue Adrian from his demented, lovelorn clutches. "

This is shaping up to be the best Mary Worth story EVER!
...if I do say so myself.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Giella needs to remove all mirrors in his strips.

duckdg said...

I'm beginning to lean toward Jared's explanation for this bizarre scene. Mary Worth and Jill Black do not exist. They are conflicting personae within Adrian's flawed psyche.
"In my Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it. I'll be the grandest fellow in the Easter parade. ... uh-ah... ha ha ha ha!"
Mary, what's the matter?
"I'm NOT Mary! I'm Jill!"

Steve_J_23 said...

Jill Black had better lift her attitude soon, or there'll be an INTERVENTION, a word destined to strike fear in the most A-type personality.

And Jill: love IS for everyone. I'm ready to declare my undying love for Jill Black. Anyone with enough oomph to tell Adrian she looks silly (especially when using funhouse mirrors!) and is ANSWERING BACK to Mary Worth, America's Favorite Interfering Old Lady... I'm breathless!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, LOVE Jill's "as if!" posture in the highlighted panel.

My verification word is "desses," which I find terribly apropos for the storyline.


Robert said...

Seriously, Giella is completely unfamiliar with mirrors. I love Nathan's scenario, that would be very entertaining.

I only wish Mary and Jill would get into a real catfight, that would be awesome!

Vicki said...

Oh goodness, Mary looks positively GIDDY in the first panel! She did indeed fire the saleslady and is feeling right at home in this elegant store with it's lovely pink curtains, sky blue pumpkin couch, and pricey brass table lamp! She fancies herself QUITE the wedding planner, doncha' know!
And she'll have a LOT more time for that once Jill informs her that "her volunteer services at Mountview Hosp. are no longer needed." Let's remember who's BOSS here!


trixietrudy said...

Of course it's midnight--that's why the "pumpkin" couch (not coach) turned blue! When does Adrian get to try on the glass slipper? Will some singing mice help her get dressed on her wedding day? Is Ted a real prince? Is Jill the evil stepmother? Is Mary the reincarnation of Adrian's real mother? It all fits! (I may have the pumpkin changing the wrong way. I must have been looking in the Giella Wrong-Way Mirror.)

Yasmin said...

Somehow I suspect that somewhere, in a hospital bed, Scott is still slumbered in a coma, spinning these storylines. None of this is real. Only a person who's brain-dead could conceive the Dr.Mike and Jenna fiasco.

And is it any coincidence that Dr.Mike and Jenna look strikingly similar (ah, as similar as Giella's consistency allows)to Scott and Adrian? Or how about the fact that both men are fatherless? Or the fact that he just happened to show up, out-of-the-blue, working in the same hospital, the day that Scott was shot?

That's alright, Scott. You keep faking that coma to avoid honoring your word to marry Adrian; we don't blame you.