Friday, November 26, 2010

Mary Worth 904

I think all Jeff was trying to propose was that they see other people. Another desperate, failed attempt to escape the grasp of the puppet master.


Joolz said...

Jeff certainly bounced back quickly from Mary's "Zing!" Who knew that "I'm happy the way things are" could lead not to awkwardness but to 100 more years of blissful romance?

TeacherPatti said...

He is just hoping that if he proposes enough, she'll let him get to first base.

Anonymous said...

@ TeacherPatti: ew

heydave said...

Is Adrain's marriage still on?
Has Jill shivved that airhead yet?
Are Richie's killers going to cater the ceremony?
Will they have sandwiches for Wilbur?

@TeacherPatti: eeeww, indeed; now I feel confused AND dirty!

katyb said...

This strip leaves too many questions unanswered.
What happened to Adrian's $50,000?
Who shot Richie?
Where is Jill? And why hasn't she met Charley?
Why won't Mary "Love is for everyone" Worth marry Jeff? Why does Jeff keep asking?
Has Bonnie? Bonnie Johnson been shopping lately?
What is the recipe for salmon squares?
One day, all these questions, and more, will be answered.
And then there will be darkness.

Vicki said...

@katyb -- a couple more questions: Is Helen Clark of Miami still drunk and sitting by her phone?
Did Del and Lawrence (of podcast fame) ever have that baby? I mean, did they not even bother to call Mary with the happy news? Has Wilbur finally mastered FB?

kathyo said...

@katyb and Vicki: Another burning question--who is the woman in that portrait on Jeff's living room wall (Sunday's strip)? It sure ain't Adrian!

PS: Way to sabotage your daughter's big day, Jeff!! No wonder Mary turned him down; she wants ALL the attention on HERSELF!