Monday, September 5, 2011

Mary Worth 1,108

"Gina, it wasn't your mother's fault. It was your father's. Whatever happened to that lousy snitch?"

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Karen with a K said...

Oh goodness - another week in Diner with Whiny McPonytail, Mary, and a cold cup of coffee?

heydave said...

Happy Labor Day, Gina! Which is ironic given that we've not seen you do your damn job once in the eons this story has plodded along, and the proletariat workers get to watch you sit endlessly with Mary, drink coffee while you talk about "your troubles" and learn to hate your ponytail. But you have a nice day.

Elaine said...

And now Gina is wearing a suit?? As if, she's stopped in for a cup of coffee before going to work?? Where, and who would hire her?

Steven W. said...

Well, Gina's Mom seems to have "regretted" lots of things but I'm guessing birthin' ole Gina was near the top of the list too.

As HeyDave says she hasn't done a lick of work since she came on the scene yet not one customer nor even "Manager" has made a fuss about it.

Mary Worth Needs a new celebrity visit.

Guest Star: "In retrospect, perhaps the biggest reason my mother was cared for but not helped for twenty years was the simplest: Her functioning was not that necessary to the world."

Mary & Gina: "Gloria Steinem!!!??!?!?"

phoebes in santa fe said...

I sure hope Bobby Black isn't being honest on his Facebook page about not being interested in waitresses.

It'd be a shame if Gina tracks him down only to find she'd be the subject of contempt..

TG said...

If Bobby Black is eventually tracked down by this bore, he will be wishing he was either fitted with cement shoes by the mafia or in the Witness Protection Program himself.

Isn't it about time for this to start wrapping up? At one point Mary was talking to Dr. Drew about Gina, and Dr. Drew is now available...

KitKat said...

As Elaine says, Gina seems to be wearing a jacket rather than her green waitress blouse (with GINA spelled out so Mary doesn't forget her name). Did Gina get chilly during the recitation of her boring life story, and Mary just happened to have an extra wrap? And, speaking of wraps, this plot should have wrapped weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Godfather quote in the hidden message. Excellent.

Punky said...

I’ve been away for some of this “exciting” new “plot development,” so I’m just catching up. By my calculation we’ve been mired in this story for six weeks now. Here’s my (mercifully short) recap.

July 26
After a doctor’s appointment, Mary stops for lunch.

July 31
I’ll have to remember to leave a generous tip.

August 5
Fate has dealt me a cruel blow.

August 10
We were happy and didn’t know any other way to be.

August 12
Bobby and I were like two peas in a pod.

August 14
We were very close and kept hope for the future deep in our hearts.

August 18
One day when I was 14, my father came home looking like he’d seen a ghost.

August 26
I love you! I love you! I love you!

August 31
It’s my cross to bear, Mama.

September 3
Mary, what should I do? Should I look for Bobby?

Maybe in another six weeks, she’ll have made her momentous decision. And if the reunion with Bobby Black doesn’t work out, there’s always that blue-haired doctor just across the parking lot. I’m just curious if they can spin this story out all the way to October. My money’s on yes.

PS: Whiny McPonytail - good one, Karen with a K!

Imogene said...

With all the unpredictable wardrobe changes that are always going on, I've been feeling a real sense of security the last couple of days because Mary has been wearing her Volunteer Psychiatrist lab coat. Gina is in good hands!

Chester the Dog said...

Punky, you have travelled thru time to give us that great recap.

In that time the Dow went up and up and down and down. Mary's half and half is curdling by now.

When EF Hutton speaks, nobody can listen. cause Gina cannot stop talking!

James in North Dakota said...

Just got back from vacation. I haven't checked Mary Worth in three whole days! ... Glad to see I didn't miss any major plot points. :-p

Punky, my guess is that Mary will be at DINER for a pre-Thanksgiving meal, and Gina will still be fretting over what to do.

hia5 said...

Just had a horrible thought: What if Bobby is Roberta now? (Of course, more likely he is a waiter in the world famous New York "Diner Diner" and pining away for his Gina)

birdie said...

I think I've figured this out. Gina's family was not the one that had to go into hiding. There are many clues that show us that, the most obvious being her unchanged ponytail that could be spotted anywhere.

Gina's father committed the mob murder. Bobby witnessed it and had to go into hiding. Gina wants Mary to help her find him, but it's not for the sake of love.