Sunday, September 4, 2011

Arise, ye Apes of the Planet! Arise!

Last night, Mrs. Wanders and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary by going out to see "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." Somehow, this seemed appropriate since on the evening I proposed, I took her to the opening of "Wayne's World."

We loved Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I'm just saying. The film features James Franco as a well intentioned, if unethical, scientist searching for the cure to Alzheimers. I have kind of liked James Franco since I learned that he was raised in Palo Alto, California, where I was raised. Also, he was an excellent Green Goblin Junior.

Of course, Franco's boss is a less ethical, money-driven chap who you just know is going to meet a grizzly death in the end. SPOILER ALERT: He does.

Franco ends up rescuing a baby chimp named Caesar (played by Gollum) who has been genetically infused with the experimental drug passed on from his mother who was put down for getting too rowdy in the lab.

From there, it is just a matter of time before apes party it up in San Francisco like it's 1999.

This movie made me smile for many reasons. I spent much of my childhood attending "Go Ape" festivals at movie theaters in the Bay Area. Mom would drop us off and we would watch three Planet of the Apes movies in a row. Kids would shout and throw things from the balcony. Ushers would dress up like apes and run down the aisles and we would chase them all over the theater in the dark. We'd emerge from our simian rapture fueled up on popcorn and Joo-Joo Bees (not a good combination for your molars. Trust me on that), and run around the neighborhood with our tongues pressed behind our lower lips, scratching our armpits, and grunting "Hu hu hu."

So, I can totally recommend Rise of the Planet of the Apes to anyone who watched these films as a kid, or, if you still are a kid, whose parents made you watch any of the originals (like my kids). Also, keep in mind, this recommendation is coming from a man who blogs about Mary Worth.

The following preview is one of those previews that probably shows you more than you want to know if you plan to see the movie, but if you don't plan to see it, it could change your mind.


Peggy Olson said...

Thanks, Wanders, for the recap of a perfect summer escape movie.

I loved the subtle references to the original film. When the apes start to break out of their prison/cages, the TV in the background shows a closeup of Charlton Heston (from the first Apes movie, I think). And the classic line, "You damn, dirty Apes" is delivered by one of the minor baddies, who also played Draco in the Harry Potter series. (Like the evil CEO, you know Draco's end will be nasty, too.)

The effects are believable and don't overpower the movie. That's why the film works. If the apes seemed fake, the whole premise would fall apart.

So, while you're waiting for Gina's storyline to end, take Wanders' recommendation and go Ape!

Robert said...

Glad you and Mrs. Wanders had a terrific anniversary!

As for the Sunday strip: I'm assuming Mary's petulant "So what's stopping you, Gina?" in the final panel is her speaking for the audience to just get the story on, why don't ya! Mary's coffee's gotten cold while all of this reminiscing has been happening.

phoebes in santa fe said...

You proposed to your wife after seeing "Wayne's World"? And she accepted? Somehow there's a Mary Worth story line potential there, somewhere.

So, Happy Anniversary and I'm glad you're still married even after taking her to "Planet of the Apes" as a party.

Dave in Parma said...

Congrats on the Anniversary! So glad that 'Planet of the Apes' wasn't appropriate related to ape like back hair or something.

Meanwhile, Gina is placing the first of 49,812 calls, trying to find the right Bobby Black living in New York City.

"Did you used to live in New York when you were 14? You did! Did you used to ride a skateboard when you were 14? Were you desparately in love with a girl named Gina when you were 14? No reason, nevermind then; goodbye."

Vicki said...

@Dave in Parma: remember, there was only ONE "Helen Clark" in all of Miami, so it couldn't be too hard to find a "Bobby Black" in New York! She may have to make two, three calls max.

Wanders, Happy Anniversary to you and your Mrs!

Brick said...

Wayne's World, Mary Worth and Planet of the Apes? I'd like to meet this wonderfully patient wife of yours. Happy Anniversary!

djangosmom said...

Happy Anniversary! and I was quite taken with the movie even though I hadn't seen the other earlier movies. The ending seemed open for a sequel. I will be looking for that. Have a good one.

Chester the Dog said...

Chester here. I proposed to my hubby after that Maria Carey movie, butternut. Then again after Star Trek V. I am alone now.