Monday, February 6, 2012

Mary Worth 1,223

EVERY WORD OF THIS PANEL IS GENIUS! Let's parse it just for fun.

Fabulous apartments: I'm not sure what a fabulous apartment is, but Nola has more than one.

Looks: I assume that Mary means Nola is attractive, which is definitely true. Nola says so herself.

Career Success: We have already commented on her Century 21 Real Estate suit. And in this economy, that's really awesome.

Handsome Boyfriend: I hope she isn't referring to Lawrence Jonis, the married man with whom Mary and Toby accused her of flirting. But boyfriend trouble is our new theme. Which definitely means another exciting and original story awaits.

Today's Full Strip


KitKat said...

You know it's Nola because she's wearing yellow. Too bad her name is not Chiquita Wolverson. And, she is as humble as Mary, isn't she?

Speaking of things yellow, there's a whole stick of butter on the table. Looks like Mary got her vegetable terrine recipe from Paula Deen.

Shmoopie said...

You know what would go great with box 'o green glop? Ovoid beige things!

VW: peastabi: a novel dessert Mary plans to serve later

heydave said...

Veggie terrine is soylent green!

Thorpnotized said...

That green glop must be hot! Mary had to roll up the sleeves of her blouse so it wouldn't burst into flames.

Who painted the wall between panels?

WV: "suppros" - short for supper professionals, of which Mary is queen.

tuffenuf said...

Mary is serving up some delicious impasto thickness paint that was left over from the botanical scene behind her.

Elaine said...

Wow, the pace has picked up in Santa Royale! We were just having the dinner discussion and entree selection, and here we are in Mary's apartment, enjoying green terrine. And why is Nola okay with Mary telling her it's a pleasure to hear her ask for advice?? As in, "You're not so perfect, are you, Ms. Fancy Pants?!" Nola, run while you can...

Emmy said...

Judging by Nola's face in the first panel, she's not as excited about this whole "vegetable terrine" as you guys are. Still, its in poor taste for her to make that face at her hostess's cooking.

Dave in Parma said...

I know in my single days, when I needed dating advice I sought out dinner with the most geriatric widow I could find for a heaping helping of advice with a side of Oobleck.

What is Mary going to tell her: "Always keep the door open and at least 1 foot on the floor dear, or you'll get a reputation."

WV: testi. No comment needed.

Limber Joe said...

I wonder what wine pairs well with a great-huge box of microwavable mushy peas?

WV - "recesso" If I'm not mistaken, a leading brand of mushy peas.

kathyo said...

Maybe it's a spinach souffle.
WV: "rutte" as in Nola's wardrobe and love life.

Ice T said...

Watch out Nola, that mutant strawberry behind you in panel one is what remains of the last person who dared make faces at the terrine.

Elaine said...

@Dave in Parma - totally off subject here, but do you know @DanFromParma?? Just saw a post from him on - must be a VERY popular place, I'll add Parma to my 'must see' list!

meg said...


KSRY, the voice of Santa Royale, interrupts this program to bring you news of an ongoing emergency situation at Charterstone Apartments.

Santa Royale Hazmat teams converged on the apartments after neighbors reported an acrid aroma emanating from one of the units.

Professor Ian Cameron: Well, Mary's apartment always kinda smells, but this was something way out of the ordinary.

The hazmat team used Semtex to open the door of the apartment. Inside they discovered glowing puddles of green goo, and two women slumped over a table. It was initially feared that there had been a terrorist attack with radioactive slime, but firemen found a box of unpasteurized Kelk, with a use-by date of 11/25/88. It is thought that the women were sickened by the food (as are most of us here at the station).

The women, Mary Worth, ancient, and Nola Wolverson, thirtyish, were taken to area hospitals for treatment.

Worth was airlifted to St. Mary's and Wolverson was taken by ambulance to St. Nola's.

Toby Cameron, Charterstone resident:
Nola is new to the neighborhood. The rest of us here know not to eat Mary's cooking.

So, that's it from Charterstone. And remember, if you smell something, say something.

jmernl said...

Why is everyone assuming that Mary is serving the vegetable terrine? I suspect that it may be her beef strogenoff with a side of spinach, packed into the blender and then gently, but lovingly, pureed for 2 minutes.

As Mary said, it has received rave reviews......from many of Santa Royale's finest edentulous residents.

Anonymous said...

So yesterday Mary tells the world that her cooking and advice are a great combination.

Today, we see that Mary's cooking consists of spinach baby food and a stick of butter. I bet that butter's SALTED, too.

If that cooking is part of a great combination, I can hardly wait for the advice.

--Beagle Vet

WV: "grilled". A real word! And a type of cooking unheard of in Santa Royale.

Dave in Parma said...

@Elaine: I neither know Dan in Parma, nor do I have a double identity. I actually don't know anyone named Dan in the city. Parma is actually not too small--7th largest city in Ohio (according to the local paper yesterday), and a suburb of Cleveland, OH.

James in North Dakota said...

We'll see how fancy and high-class Nola is when she's in the corner upchucking that green slop that Mary calls dinner!

Anonymous said...

it seems mary has a bookcase in every room in her place ? but why does nola get to eat in dining room when dr jeff etc had to have thanksgiving dinner in kitchen

Robert said...

Don't tell me this is going to lead to another boring "Love isn't for me, Mary" stories, even if Nola has more boyfriends than Blanche Devereaux.

Anonymous said...

Mary's terrine obviously did not set up properly. She's got nothing more than spinach slop there.