Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mary Worth 1,225

So Nola cheated on her boyfriend with the husband of a friend. This is all quite shocking. Especially when you consider that people don't have sex in Santa Royale, so we can't really know for certain what is meant by "cheating" or "relationship" in this current storyline.

Regardless, Nola came to Mary for advice. What kind of advice could Nola possibly be seeking from a neighbor she doesn't even know? One thing's for sure, she's about to get a whole terrine full of judgement stew.

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heydave said...

Talk to the hand, Nola!

Thorpnotized said...

Speaking of hands, Nola has an extremely long little finger on her left hand in panel 2.

KitKat said...

Oh please, please let it be Ian! Does Toby having lunch with Mary at the Lemon Wedge count as being "away"?

Take a gander at Nola's body language in the second panel - she's enjoying this, isn't she? She shocked Mary right out of her chair. Mary will have to take a kelk tablet to quiet the palpitations.

birdie said...

By "had a relationship", Nola means she "friended" him on Facebook. They did the usual "copy my status if..." and helped each other with Farmville. It was getting pretty intense, so she unfriended him.

Dave in Parma said...

Does "Relationship with" mean:

= "I used to visit him to get my hair colored blue/black."
= "We used to sit near each other at the counter at the Good Eats Diner and complain about the slow service."
= "He does my taxes; I had to pay this year."
= "I used to visit his food cart on Tuesdays."

Meanwhile, in panel 2, the Radio Charterstone transmitter in the window broadcasts this riveting soap opera to 38 states and half of Canada.

tuffenuf said...

I am loving the eavesdropping bookshelf. Mr. Bookshelf, you sir, are NOT camera shy!

Also, I am shocked and appalled at the new, frankness and reality of this "comic"! Next thing you know, someone with an ethnic background may show up in one of these lily-white panels!!! What then, kind readers? What then? This is new territory in the Worthiverse... or is it? Did the old OLD Mary (before the airbrushing) have to deal with infidelity, Wanders?

Heavens to Betsy!

jmernl said...

Maybe Mary has a list that she keeps handy for a aituation like this.

Having a list sure helped Mary during the equally riveting storyline on identity theft.

Ice T said...

Nola kind of looks like Lana Parilla in the second panel.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm actually pretty excited to see where this is headed.

Toots McGee said...

Helped each other in Farmville? Do you think Ms Nola fertilized Mr. Married Dude's strawberries?

Emmy said...

Well, it looks like Nola's started the countdown on a bomb to destroy a major city or something.

Nope, just an affair.

Talk about an over-dramatic reaction from Mary.

"Nola! No!"

Emmy said...

Well, it looks like Nola's started the countdown on a bomb to destroy a major city or something.

Nope, just an affair.

Talk about an over-dramatic reaction from Mary.

"Nola! No!"

Anonymous said...

YES! We have a Worthian Face Touch! Oh, it's going to get juicy now.

I see the plants in both panels have started extending their tentacles toward the hussy Nola. Either to strangle her or touch her face.

--Beagle Vet

WV: "sessed". Worthiversian for "cheated"?

Brick said...

Delilah Jonis abandoned her husband for no good reason. I've never really gotten over that.
So I'm imagining that, back in 2009, while Delilah was sharing their something special with Mary, Nola was in the valley listening to a little Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Now that they have a toddler, maybe Lawrence isn't helping out around the house as much as Delilah would like. So maybe Delilah is refusing to talk to him again.

Maybe that's why Lawrence was at the pool party...

kathyo said...

"Nola, No!" Mary sounds like she's housetraining a puppy.

Karen Moy learned from The Worthy Awards that her audience LOVES stalkers. Only this time she's upped the ante; addicted-to-love Nola prefers married men. Mary will again suggest a career change...that Nola quit her real estate job and join a convent.

wv: fingli (@Thorpnotized 8:12 AM: an extremely long little finger)

Anonymous said...

I beleive Nola has raised a topic about which Mary has no experience, knowledge or understanding whatsoever. So much for her hopes of getting good advice.

Anonymous said...


Sandi Ego said...

Mary could use her medium length sweater to keep Jeff under wraps.

meg said...

Wanders,thank you for establishing that no one has sex in Santa Royale. This story is a shout-out to the previous one about little Emily.

She's from Goleta- where people do have sex.

"Are you Emily Smith?" "Yes, I'm from Goleta."

Has a child EVER been seen at Cheaterstone apartments?

Maude Findlay said...

When did Mary Worth become the Red Shoe Diaries? Scandalous!

WV- ''destot''. Even that sounds racy!

Amanda Kate said...

Jeez, Mary, she already did it. You can't stop her. Or maybe Mary accidentally poured her some of the drugged wine she normally saves for when Wilbur pops by and won't go away?

heydave said...

The artwork on this one is definitely over the top, as has been pointed out.

Mary's hysterical reaction to (obviously) the first recorded instance of marriage infidelity and Nola's slink into parading around as a very bad girrrrl are priceless.