Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mary Worth 1,232

I like many of you am disappointed that today didn't begin with Nola saying to Mary Worth, "Mary, let me tell you a story." However, I am not disappointed to discover that Toby keeps a copy of "Cooking for Dumb Blondes" on her kitchen counter (There is no doubt we are in Toby's apartment; a woman who can whip up a mean vegetable terrine does not need a "Cook Book for Dumb Old Ladies").

I'm stunned at Nola's scandalous influence on Mary's plunging neckline.

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heydave said...

Is that Toby? She is all kinda hotness, no matter who she is.

As for Nola (I can't recall: does she get what she wants?) she really has scandalized Mary; that neckline must allow ready access to her navel!

kathyo said...

Judging from the haircut, I'd say that must be Rachel from "Friends."

Anonymous said...

Who is that in the first panel? It's certainly not Toby. Yet she morphs into Toby in the second panel.

Maybe she's an alien and that cookbook cover really says, "To Serve Man".

Mary's taking a page out of Nola's book and put on her most daring outfit, so she can try to steal Chinbeard away from Toby.

--Beagle Vet

Thorpnotized said...

Yes, I'm disappointed that we didn't get to hear Nola's story, but on the other (six-fingered) hand, at least we don't have to look at the vegetable terrine any more.

When it comes to Nola, Toby really focuses on the negative, doesn't she?

"Please prove you're not a robot"
So they've switched to two-word verifications, eh? If you think the visual ones are bad, for a real challenge try clicking the audio button to get SIX words. I had to put on headphones and really concentrate. After about ten tries, I was able to understand all six.

Anonymous said...

So how does Mary prepare for round 2? No way does Mary give in to Nola. Nola may have scored better in round one but Mary will be plotting and scheming OCD-like to put Nola in her place. Nobody one-ups Mary and gets away with it. Nola is about to get steamrolled.

Chester the Dog said...

"Cookbook for Dum..." seems to be flying around the room like a bat, trying to escape this inane chatter. First it is on the shelf, then it is lurking behind Toby.

Brick said...

"my boyfriend may be cheating on me because I cheated on him with my friend's husband" seems en-
viable to Mary?

James in North Dakota said...

Lol that neckline is not only plunging. It's bungee jumping down into the canyon of hussy-ness.

Nola has certainly influenced Our Mary, and it looks as though she may try and steal away Ian from Toby! He walks in after a long day of professoring and there's Mary, propped up against the kitchen counter. "Vegetable terrine?" she offers with a wink and a smile.

Maude Findlay said...

Toby & Mary have gone all ''Mean Girls'' on Nola. They need to have Dawn Weston join them at the popular girl's table, where they can roll their eyes, crack their gum, and make catty comments about Nola.

''OMG, you guys, did you see that Nola's wearing that yellow pantsuit AGAIN? Hello, 1977 called, they want their polyester back!''

''Seriously, like who wears yellow anymore? Purple & orange is where it's at!. Mary, are you gonna finish all that veggie terrine?''

''No way, that would be soooo gross! And speaking of gross, OMG, check out Bonnie, Bonnie Johnson? over there! She's gained about 45 pounds since last week!''

Vicki said...

@James in ND: LOL at the bungee jumping neckline!!

Mary is quite ashamed of herself because secretly, she IS envious of Nola! That Nola Wolvensen woman has "tiger blood" and she is...WINNING!

Robert said...

I'm disappointed Mary isn't so eager to share Nola's philosophy of life ("WWND?") to Toby. Maybe Mary intends to test its efficacy first before discounting it entirely. Now that would make a great story!

Sandi Ego said...

One of my word verifications (there are now two each time) today is "quostions" which is a great description for characters in Mary Worth saying "?"
There must have been more to the conversation with Mary & Nola besides the redundant repetition we already endured. Can't wait to see the story unravel over the next six months.

tuffenuf said...

There are less comments this time because the wv is more difficult, being all two-worded and such.

I tried yesterday, but for some reason, what I could discern was never the right conversation.

My comment was that I wish I could always get what I want - which would be to have Mary NOT hyphenate words that could easily fit into the dialogue bubble, if it were only drawn a quarter of an inch wider!
(now let me try the wv again)

tuffenuf said...

..err COMBINATION, (not conversation)

Now I have to do it again...

KitKat said...

Let's all hope that tomorrow Toby, insulted by Mary's rebuke, throws the contents of her mug in Mary's face.

I guess we ARE in Toby's kitchen. Mary's jar would read KELKIE, not COOKIE.

Did Karen Moy mastermind the two-word verification to cut down on our comments?!

Dave in Parma said...

Did I really read "Karen Moy" and "mastermind" in the same sentence?

phoebes in santa fe said...

Friday's comic - I wonder which of the men in the Worthiverse Nola's going after? I not-so-secretly hope it's Dr Jeff.

And, hey, what's up with the two words? I'm not a robot - I promise. Can you return to the one word verification?

Anonymous said...

Are Mary and Toby doing the electric slide? They keep moving down the kitchen.

Maybe they'll slam into the wall and knock themselves out.

I'm so glad Chester the Dog, the reason I first started following this strip and this fabulous blog, found his owner. Just imagine how emaciated he'd be now, living on salmon squares and kelk, and just imagine what Nola would do with him.

--Beagle Vet

jmernl said...

not only do we have 2 words to contend with in wv, but Friday's artwork is among the dullest that Giella has graced us with.

I did however, try to emulate Toby by talking while drinking my coffee and let me tell you, java aspiration is not much fun!

KitKat said...

@ Dave in Parma, maybe "fabricate" would have been better than "mastermind." What WAS I thinking?

Yikes, these word verifications are a royal pain!

Vicki said...

I love how Toby is all "hmmph" at Mary, and "count me out" of the Nola pity party! And Mary looks quite shocked, (either that or she's chipped a tooth on Toby's lousy store-bought cookies.)