Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mary Worth 1,261

"YOU want to see if I'M okay? But you're just a UPS delivery man on his way home from Safeway with a cart full of stewed tomatoes and blueberry pie filling. It's so typical of peons like you to suck up to powerful women like me. No, begone, and take your pie filling with you!"

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Thorpnotized said...

@meg: In support of your theory that this guy is a leprechaun, perhaps Moy introduced this character in attempt to rectify the omission of a special strip to honor St. Patrick's Day.

Poor Nola - she lost her scarf while fleeing D-Dan! But she managed to find different earrings while rummaging in her purse for loose change to give to Leprechaun.

Anonymous said...

Note to Nola: Don't talk to strangers and if this guy offers you candy, run like $#@@ (I hope I spelled that correctly).

KitKat said...

@Thorpnotized, good call on the absent scarf! Nola's shopping bag (from "Glad Rags," did anyone else notice that in Sunday's strip?) has gotten larger and is almost overflowing, too. Not as overflowing as that shopping cart, though. Those red and blue cylinders look like containers of play bubbles.

Brick said...

I'd take a can from this guy before I'd trust D-Dan. No spots. In the Worthyverse dangerous men have spots.

Maude Findlay said...

Perhaps Nola & Brownie will find love. True, it's an odd match- but as we all know, opposites attract! Maybe they'll have a June wedding, with the reception at the Charterstone pool party!

Mary and Toby can stand on the side, watching Nola & Brownie cut their wedding cake- Mary beaming, Toby bemusedly smirking. Mary could say; ''Well, it may be odd, but who are we to question true love? I hear that Nola is taking some time off, to start a family with Brownie, and the company has decided to rehire Dan Smithers to attend to her duties, while she's gone. Toby could say; ''Well, at least I don't have to worry about her trying to steal Ian away!''

Oh, who am I kidding? Nola is about 2 seconds from pulling out her can of pepper spray, and blowing her panic whistle!

Sandi Ego said...

Beware, Nola - I smell a lepre-con.

Mike in Cleveland said...

@KitKat, thanks for the "Glad Rags" observation. A Giella Joke, perhaps? I don't think Moy could have put that into the script.

Here's my take on Hobo McScruffy's attire and accoutrements:

Remember that this park is just a sobbing trot away from Most Expensive Shopping District. Where ladies suffering from swooning, vapors, or other hysteria from not Getting What They Want can go to get control of their emotions. Naturally, these high-end stores are going to provide ("as a convenience to our customers") a resident Guru, as most all of us have suspected in the last few days. Our kindly and wise Hobo must be color-coordinated, so as not to offend the visual sensibilities of the ladies, and management has provided him with a six-month supply of neatly-washed, unbent, color-coordinated cans--as a prop. He pushes the cart around every day while on the job.

Of course, Nola is wearing purple, the millenia-old symbol of royalty and Giella's code for any one at the top of the social structure, or someone putting on airs. (Then again, Giella may just have a whole lot of purple and orange ink he wants to get rid of.) And Hobo McScruffy has to be wearing brown, the color of earth, of servitude, an animated clod of dirt (but still safe like a Disney ride) that rises up to do its work, and when Nola is fixed it will sink back down, fading out of notice.

I think it would be great to see Nola fall in love with what will turn out to be "the first person to ever show concern for [her] well-being." In the distant future we would see a concluding panel of Nola, wearing matched taupe, serenely pushing a cart of clean, coordinated plastic liter bottles, side-by-side with her loving Hobo. Naturally, with Mary and Toby off to the side, looking on approvingly, and sparkling plattitudes all around.

Vicki said...

My theory is... Smithers paid the old Leprechaun to let him hide in the basket underneath all the colorful bottles. (It's a mighty tight fit, but D-Dan can still whisper instructions through the gaps..."push me over to that nasty woman crying on the bench!!"

At any moment Smithers will rise up from the cart with an evil laugh, "HAHA!!" Then he'll jump out of the cart and choke the living daylights out of Nola!! Together, he and Brownie will split the contents of Nola's billfold and go their merry way.
The next scene will be of Mary at the funeral home, tsk tsk-ing ad nauseum about how people can't always have everything they want... First Aldo, now Nola..."such a shame"

Amanda Kate said...

Actually, judging by where the hobo is looking, I think he's talking to someone behind Nola. Also, I can't get over Nola dressed completely in purple. She looks like Violet Beauregarde after she chewed the gum.

meg said...

What Brownie McHobo is thinking:

I'll distract her, then I'll grab her purse and head for Parkside Liquors.

What Nola is thinking:

I'll distract him, then I'll grab his shopping cart and head for Santa Royale recycling.

Anonymous said...

If the can man meddles any more in Nola's life Mary is going to call the cops on him and get him the heck out of Santa Royale. She won't put up with any competition - I'm sure she is extremely territorial.