Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mary Worth 1,275

Heh heh... She said something shifted inside... again.

Today's Full Strip


meg said...

By mid-summer, 2012, the phenomenon we know as Hobomania was in full swing.

Hobo on Letterman
Dave: Are you a high-priced hobo, heh heh heh heh heh?

Hobo on Oprah
"I was a shy little boy. My real name is Chatsworth Osborne Jr."
Oprah: " and you get a shopping cart, and you get a shopping cart, and you get a shopping cart!!"

Hobo on The View
Hasselbeck: "Get a job! Take a bath!"

Hobo on Dancing With the Stars?
Derek Hough: "I'd be proud to partner him."

Hobo on What Not to Wear
After a makeover by Stacy and Clinton, Hobo is clean shaven, rocking a white ponytail and a Hugo Boss suit; he enters the Karl Lagerfeld Lookalike Contest.

Hobo: "Kim Kardashian and I are just friends."

Hobo in the Gallery at State of the Union Address; sits next to Michelle Obama.

Hobo to Chris Matthews: "I won't be on Romney's ticket as VP."

Hobo cooks stew with Paula Deen; eats a whole stick of butter.

Hobocentrism : Is it a Force for Good?

Hobo the Musical, starring Nick Nolte, with Betty White as Mary and featuring Lindsay Lohan as Nola.

Hobo now has 3 million followers on Twitter #okayHobo

Hobo Meets Tebow

Tebow: I'll Hobo in the Super Bo.

" Has Success Spoiled Hobo?" Dr. Phil talks with a panel.

Dalai Lama Snubs Hobo at UN.

National Enquirer:
Hobo Seen With Cart in Park

Mary Worth on Meet the Press:
Hobo's a Quitter.

Hobo: Solve your own durn problems, then.

Elaine said...

I hope that we get to see Nola's beautiful apartments this week! We need a change of scenery from Mary's ever-changing beautiful apartment.

Ummm, how do you 'openly cry'? Or, how would you 'closedly cry'? Does anyone really say stuff like that? In the known universe vs the Worthiverse?

KitKat said...

How did Nola learn all those things about Hobo, i.e., he's homeless, he lives on the streets, he doesn't have a dime to his name, from an encounter of perhaps 37 seconds? Hobo could be an environmentally conscious eccentric millionaire who recycles. Nola, you missed your chance at becoming Mrs. Hobo.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned previously that Mary's dishes do not have stands. I think she has actually glued them to the back of the cabinets. Weird.

Karen with a K said...

Is anyone else having problems getting to this blog? Whenever I try to get here through my bookmark I get a white screen with "Welcome to nginx." Is Mary trying to teach me about the evils of technology? Is "nginx" the master word that will probe IM not a robot for all time?