Monday, May 28, 2012

Mary Worth 1,310

Dawn can barely lift her head to watch her excessively violent non-interactive video game. She may need to retreat from life once again and climb back into her Forever Lazy. Oh, wait. She already has.

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mrvy said...

Game of Thrones - movie? game show? Maybe we'll find out tomorrow. Either way, I'd probably choose Game of Thrones over Dad in a Swimsuit. Seeing Wilbur beach-ready in public, knowing that's half my gene pool -- no, no thanks.

heydave said...

No "freedom isn't free" platitudes from Moy today? Count me disappointed.

Dave in Parma said...

Cmon Dawn--that will perk up your romantic life: go to the beach with your balding overweight father.

I can see it now--"Hey Wilbur! Nice Sweater! Oh.....ewwwwww."

For a moment I almost got sucked in, wondering what 'Game of Thrones" might be, and then realized, no I really don't want to know. Never realized it was actually an HBO series. Guess I need to step out of the Worthiverse occasionally to check on reality. Or not.

Wanders said...

It's a real show??? Oh brother.

Anonymous said...

What size shoe does Dawn wear? The only thing that can wrap something that long and skinny is a PVC pipe.