Monday, August 27, 2012

Mary Worth 1,391

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Peggy Olson said...

Wilbur is the man to make it happen? Gee, I'm as shocked as Wilbur is!

Will his first-person account include mowing down little girls and clinging to helicopter pilots?

fauxprof said...

Editor looks even MORE like Montgomery Burns today. Perhaps he's a long-lost twin of greater or lesser evil--and he wants Wilbur as his Smithers! (OK, I may have taken this metaphor a step too far.)

Gina said...

If anyone told me that Wilber Weston was the man to make ANYTHING happen, that's exactly how I'd look.

Nance said...

Editor obviously needs SOMETHING to happen. Look how clean his desk is and how empty his IN/OUT trays are.

I nominate this panel for Most Awkwardly Phrased Dialogue Ever.

The best (?) thing about this new(ish) plot development is that it gives Moy yet another device to rehash The Incident for readers.

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a J Jonah Jamison and spiderman vibe from all this.

KitKat said...

You can tell that Mr. Editor is a tough-journalism type because his shirtsleeves are rolled up, although he neglected to loosen his tie. Tomorrow I hope we see him climb onto his very clean desk (thanks, Nance!) and type at the computer that's awkwardly positioned at the right.

kathyo said...

The plan is to put a folding table just inside the front door of K-Mart and put Wilbur there to sell subscriptions (at least that's what the Plain Dealer does).

Anonymous said...

So is Editor going to send Wilbur back to Italy to do investigative background work? And will he take Dawn with him?

Maybe Editor likes Mary's "Ask Wendy" better and is making this an excuse to push Wilbur out. Wilbur may be laying on the couch watching GOT soon.

heydave said...

The sound track to this plot development shoudl be something ominous, like "dum-dum-DUM!"

Pronounced "dumb-dumb-DUMB!"

Mike in Cleveland said...


After I posted my comment Saturday morning, I went off to work for the weekend...Just got back this morning and I see there was a lot of reminiscing going on Saturday afternoon. I didn't mean to ignore anyone, so to reply: Captain Penny AND Barnaby. If it was a kid's show I watched it. The earliest show I watched was the last two seasons of "Howdy Doody." I'd watch Captain Penny at noon when I came home for lunch, and then "Dinner Theater" at six o'clock, because he'd show the Three Stooges. Barnaby and his invisible parrot (what was it's name again?) I introduced to my younger brothers. Don't forget the seasonal shows like Mr. Jingaling.

Regarding Wilbur's upcoming assignment, I'll go out on a limb and predict that he's going to go all Noble on us. Taking the high road he'll decline to write his memoir by saying something like "These experiences should not be bought or sold." Then he'll be happy to crawl back into his niche writing "Ask Wendy."

fauxprof said...

Mike, the invisible parrot's name was Long John. Lord help me, I remember all this stuff. Let's organize the Cleveland-area Worthiversian Chorus. Our first number: the theme from Mr, Jing-a-Ling!

KitKat said...

Mike in Cleveland and fauxprof, I'm humming "Mr. Jing-a-Ling, how you ting-a-ling..." right now. Alas, no more Halle's Seventh Floor.

jerrybear said...

Okay let's sing along:
"Mr. Jingeling,
How you tingeling,
Keeper of the keys..."

On Halle's seventh floor
We'll be looking for...

Anonymous said...

Not "increased numbers," mind you, but "new numbers." I wonder what the new numbers will be. A different system, perhaps, like Base 2, or Base 5? Roman numerals?

Mike in Cleveland said...


Mister Jing-a-ling
How you ting-a-ling,
Keeper of the keys.

On Halle's seventh floor
We'll be looking for
You to turn the key.

'Cause you keep track
Of Santa's pack,
A treasure-house of toys.

[something, something]
[something, some-] for
All good girls and boys.

(and thanks for Long John's name.)

Dave in Parma said...

Bravo Moy/Giella--a Summary Sunday mixed with a Segue Sunday, with of course the Segue being to a newly packaged Summary of the last few months.

I'm with Peggy Olson--Wilbur?! Aiuto!

The boat Sunday reminded me of the remote control battleship I got for father's Day after my 4 year old daughter got a hold of it in my in-law's pool yesterday.

And for what it's worth, those cardboard keys Mr. Jingling used to give out didn't work to well in real doors.

jerrybear said...

Stop the presses.
Cruise ship headed to Cleveland runs aground in Detroit River, investigation under way

Ace reporter Wilbur will be giving a first hand account of the brutal
incident once he finishes eating a glob of MW's so-called food.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Mary Worth has become so boring she's got us reminicing about Mr. Jingeling, Captain Penny and Barnaby (Linn Sheldon who I knew personally). "If anybody calls, tell the Barnaby said hello. And tell them I think you're the nicest person in the whole world." BTY, Captain Penny (Ron Penfound) did not commit suicide as urban legand would have us believe. He died of lung

fauxprof said...

Anyone want to sing the Lawson's "Big O" jingle?

Oh, one man sleeps while
The other man drives...p

katyb said...

Wait, what? Big Chuck and Hoolihan anyone? Mushmouth Mariano Pacetti? Readings by Robert (Hello, Carlos!)?

Limber Joe said...

Where to begin...

"Get that juice up to Lawson's, in 40 hours..."

Woodrow the Woodsman.


Page Palmer.


That is all for now.

Anonymous said...

And the Gene Caroll Show.

ethel mertz said...

Paige Palmer lived 2 houses down from me when I was little. And one afternoon Ghoulardi (at the peak of his fame) was a guest of someone at Fairlawn Country Club, and came to use the pool one afternoon. I was there, and you never saw so many frenzied, mouth-foaming kids - and I was one of them. They had to clear the pool so Ernie could get a swim in! I got his autograph, which I framed and still treasure.

katyb said...

Crap. Ben Crazy. Oh and the Kolbassi Kid.
Dorothy Fuldheim was on in years when I arrived in Cleveland, but I now admire a woman of advanced years and very ginger hair willing to wear bright red lipstick.
Back to MW&M... Seriously, if print journalism still worked this way, I'd be rolling in dough.