Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mary Worth 1,390

"Weston, your next assignment is to plagiarize a story about your experience on board that sinking ship. But here's the twist: I want you to write it as a comic strip! We've struck gold, Weston! Gold!"

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birdie said...

He looks like he's controlling the sinking of that ship with his evil remote.

In any case, the obvious conclusion is that Wilbur will be too busy writing his memoir to go back to writing Wendy. Mary won't have to give up her power yet.

fauxprof said...

Gee, a possible plot development in a Sunday Summary strip? That's rare. Also rare: Is that a smile on Editor Dismal McDour's face? Always be wary when a character who resembles Mr. Burns appears to be smiling.

I agree with birdie. If Wilbur is to become a reporter (!), Mary will retain Ask Wendy indefinitely.

kathyo said...

Ah, but you're too late, Mr. Editor; Wilbur's already sold his story to Vanity Fair Magazine.

Paul said...

I'm enjoying this story-telling technique.

1. Have Dawn and Wilbur live the story. (We see the story.)

2. Have Mary, Toby, and the Prof. watch the story on TV. (We hear the story.)

3. Have Dawn and Wilbur tell the story to Mary. (We hear the story again.)

4. Have Wilbur write the story. (We'll hear the story again.)

5. Have somebody read the story. (We'll hear the story again.)

This could last awhile.

Toots McGee said...

As Wilbur and Dawn process their ordeal...

Oh, so it's at this point that they begin to process the ordeal. Mary's participation is required to process the ordeal. Her probing questions, her vacant stares, her shapeless lumps of food are part of a process by which Wilbur and Dawn can move on.

Memo to Karen Moy, we've all processed this thoroughly. The storyline is as thin as Mary's creamed pea casserole. We have our closure.

I know, I know, creepy editor has other plans.

Nance said...

I love how Wilbur tells Dawn (and us) that she was in Love with Dave (not from Parma). We never saw the affair; it was merely a plot device to get them on a doomed ship so that Moy could rip off the Costa Concordia "incident" and VR article.

He never really spoke to her about her feelings for Dave at any other point in the strip, did he?

What a goofy relationship. Maybe, instead of a relationship advice column, Wilbur should write a Food column.

(BTW--my word ver is "offendi"--sounds Italianate for "offending.")

Limber Joe said...

A little late, but "Woodrow the Woodsman" was kind of creepy.

KitKat said...

I think Mr. Sinister Editor is using the remote to control the drone that's disguised as a seagull. It's taking photos of the corpses stacked up by the lifeboat area.

jerrybear said...

Even though they keep talking about how passengers helped each other, they haven't mentioned their lack of concern for others.
Will Wilbur be honest and admit that he and Dawn didn't give a d--- about anyone else, including a young girl?

birdie said...

Jerrybear, that's what I don't understand. Is this caring thing supposed to go only one way? It's even worse after being told that Dawn is a strong swimmer.

I guess Santa Royale people only have to show they care by frivolous meddling, not by actually doing anything that costs effort or sacrifice. The hard stuff is for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Editor needs an ergonomics consultant. One day, he has to practically belly crawl on the top of his desk to use his cordless computer.

Next day, move the computer and put a cordless TV on the desk, dangerously close to the eyes. He has to use the remote because he is WAY too important to use those pedestrian buttons that are two inches away from his fingers.

Day 3: Move cordless computer back to awkward position.