Monday, October 15, 2012

Mary Worth 1,435

That's because Jim already is all right... Literally!

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Peggy Olson said...

Dawn is not wearing purple today. That's why she's wearing a large name tag, so she and everyone else will know who she is!

Jim may be alright, but we will never be free of this endless storyline.

Where is Jill Black? Why has she forsaken us?

fauxprof said...

OK. Everything's fine now. Problems all solved. May we have a new storyline now, please?

heydave said...

Well, if a terminally (I wish!) whiny, self obsessed, craptastic "volunteer" and pathetic "student" told me I was OK, welp... that's it, I'm fine!

Nance said...

Oh brother. Two panels of redundant Pollyannaism and an iadvertently hilarious pun (good catch, Wanders!). What a racket M&G have.

Dawn: You're fine, Jim. Everything is all right. Your sister is dead, you have only one arm, and you are being stalked by a witless dunderhead with a narcissistic streak a mile wide. Cheer up!

Jim: Of course! How could I be so selfish and stupid? Let's go in to the cafeteria since I apparently have a really flexible teaching schedule, and have some warm milk and disappearing morphwiches.

KitKat said...

Okay, so Dawn has had only one volunteer training session, yet she is counseling a grief-stricken person AND grabbing him. What's wrong with this picture? Shouldn't she be pushing a book truck and distributing magazines under the watchful eye of the coordinator of volunteers? Of course, pap like "It's going to be okay. You're going to be all right" to a man who (1) feels responsible for the death of his sister and (2) has lost an arm is on a par with Mary's "Ask Wendy" drivel.

@Fauxprof is correct, "Dim" says it all!

Charlie said...

I hope this means that we can expect more Arrested Development references in MW.

Ben said...

That pun nearly put me in a coma, coolio.

TG said...

Why does Giella draw Dawn to look like a 40 year old feminine Shemp? He can draw hair that looks somewhat normal on other characters, so why does he insist on giving her this two-tone Supercuts bob?

I can barely stand to look at her face anymore. Are we ever going to see something new?

Brick said...

@TG - Years ago I had a "Family Affairs" coloring book, which I loved until I realized that Buffy and Jody wore the same outfit from first page to last. And their hair, goldenrod of course, never changed.
Page after page... I feel for Giella. I really do.

Gina said...

Wanders, that just might be your best caption of all time!

Sandi Ego said...

Dawn is going to end up "all right", too, if she continues to wrench her left rotator cuff the way she does in Panel 1.

meg said...

Costello: So, Jim's all right?
Abbot: Right.
So, what's left?
No! What is left for Jim?
He's all right.
What does Jim have left?
I GET IT! Jim is all right, but what is left for him?
Nothing is left for Jim.
Is that all right?

Dave in Parma said...

Annyong all!

I for one find it quite thoughtful both of Jim to offer his arm to Dawn as they walk (it's the only one he has left, er right, no left) as Dawn leads him to lost and found to search for the sister he lost.

Kiteflier said...

Wanders - I would like to volunteer to help you out with your blog. However, I expect to receive college credit for it and I expect my duties to solely consist of hanging out with you in the park, eating lunch with you, and doing nothing more than chit-chatting with you. When do I start?