Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mary Worth 1,445

"Dawn, does this ghost pie batter feel alright to you?"

Guess who has electricity this morning?

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fauxprof said...

"Just dip your fingers in there, Dawn. It's just that hint of human flesh that gives ghost pie its unique flavor. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!"

Well, Mary does look a little more zombie-like than usual this morning. In honor of Halloween, no doubt.

(Glad you're still with us, Wanders. Hooray for electricity!)

meg said...

"He's overprotective to the point of being...off"- just like this batter.

Elaine said...

"I just don't know what his problem is - he only lost an arm and a sister. Now, take me, you don't see me constantly whining about my ship disaster, do you?" Score one for Dawn, the winner of the 2012 Ms. Sensitive award.

Dave in Parma said...

"Yes, he's protective of me, because, you know, I've taken on his Sister's identity, Mary. He can't tell us apart."

(Thoughts are with those in the hurricane swath. My boys were actually off school today ---in Ohio--due to the rain, wind.power outages we got, and weren't even in the direct path.)

Anonymous said...

Seems that Dawn is into some tough love - maybe she can sneak up behind Jim and pour a bucket of water on his head. Then belittle him by saying how he's being silly for being scared by the pier.

Nance said...

Oh, brother.

"His sister died at THE PIER where he lost his arm, and Jim worries about me! He doesn't want me to go near THE PIER!"

Dawn Math:
Jim - 1 arm - 1 sister = Dawn
Jim - 1 arm@PIER - 1 sister@PIER = unreasonable squeamishness@PIER+Dawn
Jim + anything = Dawn

Dawn is clueless to the point of being...off-putting. Geeze.

Hey, Wanders! Hold on to that power down there in MaryLand. Here in NEO we are getting 70mph winds and my backyard is flooded. Spotty power outages all around, but so far, I'm good. Whoever heard of a hurricane on the Great Lakes? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Well, now I'm really conflicted. It would be fun to have an edgy plot that follows Jim's obsessive concern for Dawn's welfare that reflects his unresolved grief issues. On the other hand (pun intended) it would mean more of Dawn. I don't know how much more of Dawn I can take without feeling what little remains of my sanity slip away.

KitKat said...

Good news for Wanders and family - yay!

I realize I'm dating myself, but the first panel conjures memories of Madge the Manicurist ("You're soaking in it!").

Did Joe Giella and his minions overlook some punctuation, or is Dawn really saying, "He's overprotective to the point of being...off he doesn't want me to go NEAR THE PIER"? I'm guessing that Dawn just speaks in run-on sentences.

Toby's Bad Clown Painting said...

Wanders, I wish you and everyone affected a speedy recovery from the Superstar Superstorm Supersandy. Does anyone sniff a future plot line of Typhoon Randy coming to Santa Royale?

and now for the surly comment... Jim, PLEASE let Dawn walk on the pier, and may the walk be long and the pier very short.

Anonymous said...

Is the PIER dangerous or is it the ferry hitting the PIER that was dangerous?

heydave said...

Alas, our young Dawn,
Peering into ol' Jim's brain,
Yet always confused.

Nance said...

@12:26--best commenting name, ever

Chester the Dog said...

Christ, Dawn, isn't it time to watch GAME OF THRONES again. Aren't you writing your term paper on it?