Monday, October 29, 2012

Mary Worth 1,444

He freaked? He freaked? This is freaking out??

Speaking of freaking out... this is one of my favorite Saturday Night Live sketches from back in the day. Enjoy.

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Toots McGee said...

Yeah Dawn, he freaked? That "pier" looks none too pleasant. Block and tackle, cargo netting and ancient looking crates. This area is probably adjacent to Santa Royale's warehouse district, the scene of drug trafficking and violent shootouts. Who wouldn't want to leave there and go "downtown" for some ice cream? Especially Burford's ice cream. Their rainbow swirl is world renowned!

P.S. Love that sketch. Dan Akroyd has always been the master at reeling off technical mumbo jumbo like the bit about the mail sorting equipment.

News from George Carlin:

The San Diego freeway was the scene of a freak accident today as six freaks in a
camper crashed into three freaks in a van.

fauxprof said...

Dawn helpfully stirs up some ghost pie batter, while Mary ineffectually points a steak knife at some mystery vegetables. Round naval potatoes? Tan oranges? Oh Horrors! Turnips? (And a lone, lorn carrot awaiting its fate.)

Now, in all seriousness: Wanders, we love you. Go batten down the hatches and stay safe in Maryland. That goes for all the Worthiversians in the path of this storm.

Mary's Old Lady Smell said...

Dawn looks like a meth addict in Monday's panel 1. Has Mary checked Dawn's batter to make sure no meth teeth have fallen into the mix?

Tony said...

Thank goodness Dawn is finally getting some relationship advice from Mary. (As soon as Mary finishes her potato pie) That will speed up the action.

KitKat said...

It looks like a whole lot o' freakin' by Dawn, not Jim - she must have been stirring and whipping like mad for that glop in the bowl to overflow like that. (Even though she seems to be using a glass pipette.)

Mary has donned her Aunt Bea apron, but her expression indicates that she'd like to plunge that knife into Dawn's back.("Don't you know where that ferry accident happened, you silly goose?!")

Wanders, I hope you and your family make it through the storms safely.

heydave said...

Yeah, we buy all this.
From Dawn's global awareness
To these two cooking.

Wanders said...

Hey, look what I found:

Wanders said...

Thanks for the well wishes regarding what they are seasonally referring to as the Frankenstorm. Our family is trying not to freak out by eating all our ice cream before the power goes out. Once it does, I will be unable to post regular posts on the blog, but as long as my cell phone's batteries hold out, I can read your wonderful comments, and may be able to post a brief text as well.

Now I need to go convince my boss that closing down for tomorrow is not a sign of weakness.

I'll see everyone on the other side of Sandy.

Nance said...

Ah, Dawn! As ever, the Soul Of Maturity And Compassion.

Dawn: Hi, Mary! I suppose I'll have to help you make some kind of gross vegetable pot pie so I can gossip about Jim, that one-armed guy I'm helping down at the hospital.

Mary: Hello, Dawn. Here is the sauce. You can stir it gently so that it doesn't clot.

Dawn: Jim and I were at the pier yesterday, but not for long!

Mary: What happened?

Dawn: He freaked and suggested ice cream downtown instead!

Mary: Because of his accident there?

Dawn: Huh? What are you talking about? His accident wasn't downtown! It happened on a ferryboat! And what on earth are you doing with those potatoes? And how long has that milk been on the counter? Yikes! This stuff sorta...grew as I was stirring it. Hey. I have to go. Dad and I are, uh, going out for dinner...yeah, so...bye!

Not Moy said...

Thank you Karen Moy. Without Mary asking "Because of his accident there?" we never would have known why Jim "freaked" at the PIER.

Thorpnotized said...

What happened to Dawn's purple outfits? Did Wilbur get sick of them and burn them all? How will we know who she is?

To Wanders: I mentioned that Burford's Ice Cream store is in Corpus Christi, Texas yesterday. Here's hoping you don't lose electricity during the storm. Our days are not complete without your blog posts!

Sandi Ego said...

That first panel is so... violent. Dawn looks inappropriately angry and Mary looks like she's about to slit her wrist instead of that amorphous vegetable.

meg said...

Judging by the way Mary is using that knife, I believe that the main course is going to be finger sandwiches.

Peggy Olson said...

meg, I hope Mary doesn't serve finger sandwiches when Jim comes for dinner.


meg said...

Oi, Peggy, she never means no 'arm by it.