Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mary Worth 1,443

Definitely don't look back. If you do, you might realize that Dave, with two arms, broke up with Dawn over five months ago, leaving Wilbur to ask, "How long will this go on?" as Dawn watched Game of Thrones over and over and over and declared, "Life is Brutal."

You might remember that the entire month of June was spent making arrangements for Mary to take over Wilbur's column so he could cash in a favor with Giorgio and take Dawn on an oppressively expensive Italian vacation. Because Dave, with two arms, broke up with her.

July, unfortunately, was so full of action that it was very disconcerting for all of us. From Michelangelo's David, with two arms, to Wilbur and Dawn experiencing an international maritime disaster ripped from the headlines... and all the text, word for word, that followed the headlines.

If you look back, you'll remember that in August, everybody looked back and repeated Dawn's adventure over and over and over again, and Dawn regretted missing Dave, with two arms.

In September, Dawn met Jim, with one arm. Last week, suddenly, there seemed to be some real dramatic tension building. Dawn wanted to walk along the pier where Jim had lost his other arm, and where his sister Merry somehow lost her life. She thought taking Jim to the pier would help clear their heads. Jim's reaction, was strong and upsetting for most of us. But fortunately, this happened today:

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Brick said...

Uh... OK, I guess. I wanted mint chocolate chip... but I can get your sister's favorite flavor if you want.

Thorpnotized said...

Uh0h... Little does Dawn know, Burford's Ice Cream store is in Corpus Christi, Texas!

Nance said...

Dawn, like most children, can be placated with ice cream.

Scene 1

Dawn: But what I really want to do is work with special needs children and adults.

Jim: How about we get some ice cream?

Dawn: Yeah, that sounds much more doable.

Scene 2

Dawn: Dad! It's time I moved out and became independent!

Wilbur: Hey, what about we try that new ice cream place down by The Pier?

Dawn: Wow! Let's go! You're the best dad ever! I love my life!

Scene 3

Accident Victim: Oh my God. The pain.

Dawn: Hold on. I know CPR. that an ice cream truck over there...?

@Wanders--best hidden msg ever

kathyo said...

Why not just go to Good Eats Diner? They have that new ice cream flavor, Rainbow Swirl.

phoebes in santa fe said...

I can never quite see hidden messages. What was today's?

Sandi Ego said...

So there's really no resemblance between Merry and Dawn after all? And as soon as they get to the pier they decide to leave to get ice cream? Moy is playing three dimensional chess while we are all just playing tiddlywinks. I can't keep up!

KitKat said...

@phoebes in santa fe, to see the secret message, just hover your mouse over the panel Wanders highlighted. (Really good one today, Wanders!)

"Maybe it's the angle the photo was taken"?! Jim seems to be in denial big time, unless he is trying to lull Dawn into a false sense of security. Which would be a snap, because, as @Nance at 11:51 AM has pointed out, Dawn has the attention span of a flea.

fauxprof said...

Dawn almost had a flash of insight there...something fishy, perhaps about that photo, something troubling about Jim's attitude? But then she thinks of Wilbur, a man whose wisdom extends mainly to the relative merits of ham, turkey and roast beef. Yep, Wilbur would smile and go for ice cream.

James in north dakota said...

Fauxprof, wilbur would only go for ice cream if it was in sandwich form. Wilbue loves his sammiches!

heydave said...

Oh, for an ice cream sammich right now!

On the bright side, Dawn can sit real close to JimDave on one side, amirite?

Chester the Dog said...

Ice cream? I bet Mary Worth has some Ice KELK in her freezer. We'll just walk in, ignore her typing endlessly in her 256k computer, and head to the kitchen, Watch out for the plates balancing on their sides. Hey, that's not ice KELK, it's seafood scampi!