Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mary Worth 1,442

Dawn, you always know how best to help people. The hospital ought to pay you for your awesome skills as a social worker. After all, you have finished an entire year of college, haven't declared your major, and have overcome an addiction to the Internet using the controversial Kite Flying Method. You're exactly the kind of professional the hospital staff wants working with their patients.

Enjoy the Pier.

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fauxprof said...

GAAAAAA! Big scary Dawn-Face.

Giella is PO'd at us, and opted for trick instead of treat.

We're sorry, Uncle Joe. We'll be good. We like you a lot better than Aunt Karen.

kathyo said...
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Nance said...

I am so over-qualified for People Helping in virtually every arena. According to this comic strip, I pretty much can be a doctor, a psychologist,a therapist, you name it.

Thanks to an app on my iPhone, I can also hunt ghosts for them, putting them in touch with their dead.


We will, of course, start with lunch.

Anonymous said...

There's only one thing that could salvage this insipid plot twist. Jim needs to experience a flashback that sends him into a state of rageful disassociation and he ends up shoving helmet-hair into the shark-infested waters off of Santa Royale.

The way things are going here, maybe it's time to rename this strip from "Mary Worth" to "Dawn Weston: worthless".

heydave said...

Times are sad indeed
To get this much Dawn, up close,
Full delusional

Anonymous said...

Oh come on everybody. You know you love to hate it.

meg said...

Dawn! Plese stop flaunting your extra large right hand. Jim feels bad enough already.

Sandi Ego said...

Maybe she's planning to knock some sense into him with that meaty fist of hers.
"This is the plot that never ends
Yes it goes on and on, my friends
Some people started reading it not knowing what it was
And they'll continue reading it forever just because
This is the plot that never ends
Yes it goes on and on, my friends..."

Gina said...

Don't forget her groundbreaking use of Tact Therapy! "Let's go take a nice leisurely stroll along the water where your sister drowned!"

TG said...

This really will never end. I can easily see it continuing on indefinitely.

And as corny as this is, I've got to say it - Dawn, please take a long walk off a short pier!

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I think Dawn should take Jim kite flying - as therapy. That should be fun.

Anonymous said...

That clenched fist is about as convincing as a big mean chinbeard (cough Ian cough).

fauxprof said...

If Jim is going to be with us for a while, I think he needs a last name. At first I was hoping for something multisyllabic and ethnic, but I think something short and Worthian is better. How about...hmmmm...Bates! Middle name, Norman.

Sort of matches the shrill string background music I keep imagining when he appears.