Monday, December 31, 2012

Mary Worth 1,496

Meanwhile, across town, Dr. Cory gets disappointing news:

Dear Dr. Cory:

We regret to inform you that your submission to the Santa Royale Cake Designing Competition 2013 sponsored by Geritol does not meet our exacting standards.

This year's theme is unicorns. Babies were three years ago.


The Cake Designing Ajudicators

Here's a video of Dr. Cory's cake. You may not want to watch:

And with that, I'll wish everyone a very Happy New Year! It's been a great year at Mary Worth and Me. I've loved all of your comments and observations. If you haven't had a chance to vote for your favorites, remember to vote before January 4.


Nance said...

Wow. It seems like only yesterday that John Dill was just filling out the forms and now he's already been accepted as a contestant.

Wait. It WAS only yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Now if they can just jump ahead to the prizes and cash.

heydave said...

I see John Dill lost hist tie to read the mail and make exultant gestures. Joy.

Anonymous said...

Elongate that face a little, and we'll be treated to a Vincent Price storyline.

kathyo said...

With all the emphasis on John Dill being a retired hotel manager, I predict that his creation will be an exact replica of said hotel.

fauxprof said...

Poor John Dill. He has had so little joy in his life, that being accepted into a fifth-rate cake competition floods him with euphoria. If he were less creepy, I would be more empathetic.

(Wanders, I am sorry I watched the video. VERY, VERY sorry. However, it is probably the best appetite suppresant known to man, and will be a help with my weight loss resolution for the coming year.)

Happy New Years, everyone!

Dave in Parma said...

How disappointing--I was hoping we'd be treated to John Dill proofreading his entry form today.

Happy New Year to all!

KitKat said...

Mr. Dill, please put your necktie back on and spare us the sight of your chest hair.

Ha, there are already ethical issues emerging in this cake competition, what with the organizers supposedly gushing over John's entry photo. This "competition" is a scam, run by the hippie duo who lifted Mary's wallet.

Happy 2013 to Wanders and all of you!

Delilah said...

One of the commenters in yesterday's post was hoping for a sinister plot twist. Here's my idea:

Mr. Dill is disqualified in the cake contest when it's discovered there is no actual cake - it's squeezably soft toilet paper covered with fondant and icing! Shocking revelation: Mr. Dill is actually Mr. Whiffle!

Mary, meanwhile, has submitted her own entry under an assumed name, "Wary Morth!" She, too, meets shame when the kelk cake is disallowed because kelk is not an approved ingredient for the contest.

Next week: Pool party!

Thorpnotized said...

The first thing that popped into my head upon seeing today's strip was the Scarecrow's line in the Wizard of Oz, "Oh joy! Rapture!", when he got his brain.

I think John Dill may be the long-lost father of the man on the Unita del Mare who said to Dawn and Wilber, "C'mon, it's the ONLY option!...", as the other passengers and crew dove into the ocean.

Thorpnotized said...

(Oops, should have been Wilbur)

Anonymous said...

How does Mr. Dill know the entry evaluators loved the photo of his cake? Did they say that? Or is he just imagining it since his form was filled out and sighed completely - anyone who does that get's in especially if there was a fee involved?

Mary the martyr won't be excited to hear the news because she said she already knew they were going to win. It's almost like drudgery to her as she is only going through the motions with the contest to uplift John's spirits. Nothing in it for her except to tell her friend's about how caring she is and implying how much better she is than everyone else.

Hermite said...

Oh joy! This year is finally over. Not sure I would have survived it as well without all the wit and wisdom here in the Worthiverse.

Ya know, I think that is the first time in my life I have ever said, "Oh joy," except as sarcasm. Dare we hope that Moy's New Years resolution might be to learn better dialog? Nah.

A giant tip of the hat to them who pointed out yesterday that there is no "I" in teamwork, but there are an "M and W." Hilarious.

One more note, in all the contests I've entered, I've never had my entry accepted with a note that said they loved my work. That is just seriously bad.

Best wishes to all for a happy 2013!

TeacherPatti said...

I like the little lines that indicate he was doing the "yes!" motion with his fist/arm. I don't know that anyone in the history of ever has done that motion while simultaneously saying "oh joy". Kudos to our friends Karen & Joe for making this so.

Happy new year!

J.R. Clark said...

I predict John Dill's winning cake entry will feature a black model car plunging off one side of the cake with a frosting caption that says, "oh, no..."

Anonymous said...

They like him! They really, really like him!

kathyo said...

He's not saying "Oh, joy;" he's saying "what joy." Even more stilted.

Sandi Ego said...

Once again, I have to recommend the Cake Wrecks site for general cake hilarity.
Maybe John Dill will create the head of Mary Worth for his entry. What joy to slice into that!
Happy New Year, all!

Dave in Parma said...

Mr. Whipple - good call! The resemblance has been bugging me.

ethel mertz said...

A very Happy New Year to you, dear Wanders, and to the wittiest people that make me truly laugh out loud every day!

djangosmom said...

A Story about a cake contest is about the stupidest idea ever, even for Moy.