Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mary Worth 1,537

In an effort to speed things up and improve passenger experience, Santa Royale International Airport has actually begun bringing the airplanes INSIDE the terminal for boarding.

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NonnyMus said...

How desperate do you have to be to ask your crush to come with you... while you're at the freakin' gate?! How ignorant do you have to be to think that person could even get a ticket on a trans-continental flight at such short notice without spending a couple of thou?!


Toots McGee said...

If you had wings
If you had wings
If you had wings
had wings, had wings, had wings...

Eastern Airlines, flying nonstop from Santa Royale to New York, every couple of weeks.

fauxprof said...

Not only is the plane inside the terminal, it's one of those new anti-gravity planes that just float there with no landing gear and no troublesome jetways. The passengers are simply beamed aboard, a la "Star Trek".

Remember the flight Wilbur and Droopy Dawn took to Italy last year? It had overhead bins large enough to store an upright piano. Don't you wish YOU lived in Santa Royale?

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

That's no plane, that's the Space Shuttle!!

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

@Toots McGee,

I had no idea. What a crappy ride!

JustSayin' said...

In that first panel, doesn't it look like Mary is bracing for some kind of assault?!?

And she has to distance herself from him in the second panel by referring to him as "John Dill".

The perfect ending to this lame story would be for a meteor to come crashing into the terminal taking the two of them out like a surgical bowling strike...

NonnyMus said...

@fauxprof, Sure, Santa Royale is great until Mary Worth decides to meddle in your life!!

KitKat said...

"It's not too late to change your mind! I can zip you into my carry-on and stow you in the overhead compartment."

If there's some extra meaning to the name "John Dill," it escapes me.

heydave said...

"A few weeks later.." Whaaa.....???

We are forced to sit thru endless minutiae as it creeps along, then get a few weeks of tripe shoveled at us?

Not that I'm arguing, but was any of this plot line necessary?

Paul said...

From the look on Mary's face, and her posture, I'd say the SRIA is really speeding things up by removing all the bathrooms.

NonnyMus said...


Remember how Aldo Kelrast's last name was an anagram of "stalker"? Well, "John Dill" is an anagram of "J. hond ill"... and John's hand (or 'hond' in Ye Olde English) definitely looks shrunken and ill in that last panel!!

It's also an anagram of Hon. JD ill, which implies John will be going to law school after his cake apprenticeship is over and ending up being a judge... who then gets sick. Perhaps his black face in Panel 1 is foreshadowing of his sad fate.

Other than that, the only anagram of John Dill the Internet Anagram Server came up with was "Dill John". I don't know, maybe that's a food item such as Spotted Dick!

NonnyMus said...


No. None of this plot line was necessary.

Dill Pickle Cake said...

I love the Wanders caption today! Sounds like this story is coming to an end and we need a recap power walk with Toby. Maybe she will update us on the progress of her hideous clown paintings.

Nance said...

In Panel Two, Mary wisely uses John Dill's whole name to keep things stilted and formal. He was getting awfully attached and grabby throughout her Meddling Episode.

Besides, she is suspicious of the entire thing. Not only is John Dill boarding an anti-gravity shuttle inside the terminal, but he is carrying the same grey bag as the passenger in Panel Two and is under security-sweep surveillance by the blond steely-eyed guy.

Tomorrow, at her Kaaffee Klatsch with Toby and Dawn, we'll likely hear all of her misgivings. Sans cake. She's way over that.

Dave in Parma said...

That's actually Mary's car, not a plane. The colorist simply forgot to color it green (or pink or salmon; I forgot which day/color today is). They're in the parking garage.

I'm expecting Mary to be typing a platitude to appear in the 'Ask Wendy' column in the next day or two to transition this story line.

Lastly, I'm voting that 'Ask Wendy' be renamed 'Mary Sez'. We've yet to see a question asked.

meg said...

Your intrepid fashion editor recently spent an afternoon at the Santa Royale Airport, observing the smartly-dressed travelers and seeking clues about the latest in fresh spring fashions.

Santa Royale's own Mary Worth was elegantly but unsurprisingly attired in a mannish looking powder blue suit with a dusty rose blouse, accented with a pussy-cat bow. Speaking of dust and powder, there was plenty of both on the old girl's shoulders, along with a scent reminiscent of mothballs and cat urine.

Mr. John Dill, ready to meet his cake-designing destiny in New York, New York, was attired in a cocoa brown suit with no visible shirt. He was, however, carrying the latest in men's shoulder bags in this year's most fashionable color, smoky periwinkle.

Notably, another nearby traveler of androgynous appearance, carried the same bag, smartly complementing his/her lavender suit which appeared to come from Michael Kors' Eleanor Roosevelt line. A black Batman tat completed this traveler's ensemble.

Elsewhere in the airport, a gentleman in a bright azure suit accompanied a yellow-haired woman in a suit similar to that of Mary Worth, in the same powder blue hue.

And speaking of yellow hair-who should be arriving in Santa Royale but Daniel Craig! Mr. Bond, er, Mr. Craig (I'm such a fangirl!) wore a raw sienna cable knit sweater, with black slacks and a khaki overcoat. He's gonna be way too hot for Santa Royale- in every way!

And lastly, an enigmatic figure dressed all in black looked on as our fashionable folk paraded. This lady is somewhat of a regular in Santa Royale, but the last time I saw her was at Diner during the thrilling conclusion of the Emily Smith kidnapping saga (MW 1203).

On a final industrial fashion note, all planes arriving or departing SRA are now painted stark white, matching the terminal interior.

See you next season! In the meantime, stay trendy!
Buh-bye from your fashion friend, Sue Vera Shallow

Chester the Dog said...

Will John Dill see Mary's floating head in the airplane window during the flight?

And, Chester is back!

Dave in Parma said...

Excellent call Chester. That should add an extra day or two before the platitude transition.

Anonymous said...

I would guess that John Dill's bag is full of sugar Mary statuettes. Adios John - I doubt we will ever hear from you again.

Sandi Ego said...

The plane inside the terminal doesn't appear to have wings, either.
Sometimes an airplane is just a cigar? Sorry, John Dill.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...I'm not comfortable with how fast this story is going.

Wally said...

I'm not changing my mind. You'll be fine... I think. I'm freaked out by your black face paint.

Is that a Native American mourning thing or just punk or what?

Goodbye John Dill, you freak! No, I won't miss you.

Wally said...

I'm not changing my mind. You'll be fine... I think. I'm freaked out by your black face paint.

Is that a Native American mourning thing or just punk or what?

Goodbye John Dill, you freak! No, I won't miss you.

Wally said...

Have no idea how that dupe happened.

Anonymous said...

This plotline seems to be resolving too quickly and easily. I'm expecting mechanical trouble with the plane, and perhaps even a tragic crash.