Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mary Worth 1,567

Dosage: Take 17 capsules nightly with plain water.

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mariam67 said...

I think Elinor is ready for the home. She's forgotten that she needs to open her mouth to drink water.

Doug said...

So this is the reverse of Gina The Waitress? Infirmed mother does not want lovesick daughter to find her soulmate? It could just be the pills talking. I suggest that Beth find her mother a new doctor in Santa Royale and review Elinor's meds list. All those pills and plain water can add up to many adverse effects, including excessive grouchiness, reading Poe and spilling water all over you matching sheets and nightgown.

fauxprof said...

In a murder mystery novel, Beth has the perfect medium for ridding herself of Elinor. Anyone who takes pills by the handful like that is a sitting duck!

Beth: Oh, Detective Adrian's Husband, I don't know what happened. She had so many medications, and was so forgetful and careless with them.

Adrian's Husband (whose name I can never remember): It's a sad thing in the elderly, Miss Kinley. My wife the doctor and I see it all the time. There, there. I'm sorry for your loss.

Beth: (sniff, sniff). Thank you. I must call my friend Tom for comfort. (sly smile)

Anonymous said...

Mariam67 - Elinor also forgot: pills first, then water. Not the other way around.

KitKat said...

@fauxprof at 8:04 AM, Adrian's husband is Detective Scott Hewlett. (Maybe I should have written "was." It's been so long since they've appeared, who knows?)

Since Elinor ALWAYS seems irritated, why is Beth asking about her mother's behavior at Mary's dinner? Perpetual irritation is standard operating procedure for Elinor.

Nance said...

Ahem, Everyone! That's "Regular Water."

fauxprof said...

"M" is for the Malice I keep fielding
"O" is for the Ogress you've become
"T" is for the Tyranny you're weilding
"H" is for my Hell under your thumb
"E" is for the Evil that you offer
"R" is for my Rancor kept inside
Put them all together
They spell M-O-T-H-E-R
A word that makes me want to hide

Dave in Parma said...

Well stated on the secret message Wanders.

@Fauxprof: simply beautiful, almost greeting card ready. Elinor is more Mothra than Mother though.

Maybe Elinor does like Tom Harpman; it could just be her irritable Bowel Syndrome again. it acts up when she doesn't eat enough asparagus.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anonymous, but it helps to lubricate your throat before taking medications as well as during.

When you get up to about 2 pills 2x a day, doctors let you know how to reduce esophageal damage (or they should!).

Count your blessings that you haven't hit that point yet.

The real no-no's are that Elinor is lying back to take her medications and she keeps medications next to her bed. That's bad except for completely bedridden patients!

Ben said...

Belinorth forever, yip yip

jerrybear said...

Alice Cooper had a song "No More Mister Nice Guy...".
Beth needs to start singing out loud "No More Missus Nice Gal". Maybe her dearest mother will get the hint.

Sandi Ego said...

It was many and many a day ago,
In a condo by the sea,
That a writer there lived whom you may know
By the name of Beth Kinley;
And this writer she lived with no other thought
Than to kill her mother and flee...

HA HA said...

she's pouring water up her nose.