Friday, April 12, 2013

Mary Worth 1,573

Nothing like a little validation... which always makes me want to watch my favorite short film. I've posted this several times, but I never get tired of this!


Nance said...

Oh, brother.

Shouldn't it be "You care FOR your mother with such patience"? Caring ABOUT her with patience is...dumb.

I love Panel One in which Beth stares worriedly at the bottom of her cup. It's as if she sees some sort of crap down there and is scared about whether it's from her beverage or from Mary's haphazard dishwashing.

Meanwhile, Mary sits there, hunched over, and shoves the spout of the tea or chocolate pot halfway into her cup.

It's all very unwholesome.

fauxprof said...

@Nance. Your comments really resonate with me, since we have a "boil alert" in my area following a water main break yesterday evening. VERY unwholesome. But so are Beth's relationship skills.

Wanders, thanks for re-posting that lovely little film. It always makes me happy!

Yahoonski said...

Nance, you stole my thunder re the teapot jammed down into the cup. Now I'm left to wonder what Beth will look like after the makeover that Mary will goad her into. I think it will feature really close-cropped blonde hair, a la Annie Lennox or Susan Powter, and huge earrings.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

You do know that Moy writes this stuff on her lunch break.

heydave said...

@Chin: and she eats very hurriedly.

Dave in Parma said...

Great short Wanders. I saved the link last time you posted it as I cared for it (not about it) so much.

@Fauxprof--am enjoying the boil alert fun at work today too. The cafeteria took to selling bottled water--cash only please, as the internet access went down too taking the credit card machines down (probably the downed power line from the flipped car up the road from the boil alert).

Dave in Parma said...

Would have liked to see Mary respond, "You're right; he is too good looking for you. You should be settling for someone like Wilbur."

Nance said...

In junior high, this doesn't take so long. Heck, in Real Life, this doesn't take so long, what with cell phones and Being Adults and whatnot.

But, even in the Worthiverse, this could be over with in a flash:

Mary: (hogwash about Being Beautiful yada yada yada). Besides, Tom Harpman shared with me yesterday in the parking lot that he was concerned that he hadn't heard back from all the messages he had left with your mother after your canceled date.

Beth: What? But...I never received any messages! How very odd. Mother has been so ill. I'm concerned now that she is forgetting things.

Mary: Well, perhaps. I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing from you. As a matter of fact, I know he's out in the courtyard right now. Shall I walk with you out there?


Elinor can shake her cane from her bedroom window.

@fauxprof--Ugh. I had a couple of those over the summer. No fun.
@Yahoonski--I don't think there will be a makeover. Mary has already said she's beautiful, and Tom Harpman is already in deep smit. But Susan Powter! Blast from the Past.

Nancy said...

"Beth: What? But...I never received any messages! How very odd. Mother has been so ill. I'm concerned now that she is forgetting things."

Mary: That's it! Time to slap her scrawny butt in assisted living.