Friday, June 7, 2013

Mary Worth 1,608

I know I'd be cranky too if my arm was pinned between the mechanical mattress and the steel guardrail. Ow. Ow. Ow.

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fauxprof said...

When Mary says "Now let me get this straight", it means that someone else is about to be put straight. In this case, Elinor.

My reaction to Elinor's depiction in panel two is right out of the Austin Powers movies--"It's a MAN, Baby!" Maybe that's the source of Elinor's antipathy towards Tom. She wants to be the only man in Beth's life.

Peggy Olson said...

fauxprof: Looking at the odd angle of Mary's hand in Panel Two, it looks like she's about to perform some unpleasant physical exam. I don't want to think what she's about to get straight!

KitKat said...

I can understand Elinor's bad mood - I wouldn't want an air conditioner blasting away behind my bed, either.

What I'd LIKE to hear Mary say is, "Let me get this straight...your daughter is 43 years old, and you're complaining about her sneaking around?!" Unfortunately, Mary is about to spout some cliche that will make me smack my head against my desk.

Nance said...

I noticed that when Mary entered the panel(s), all of Elinor's newfound femininity disappeared.

Mary is about to Lay The Smack Down regarding Selfishness. It will be Life-Changing for Elinor. She is about to get her World Rocked.

We all know what this means: a wedding at Charterstone. John Dill will return home in time to make the cake, and then Beth and Tom Harpman will never be seen or heard from again.

heydave said...

Elinor looks about to unleash those pythons in panel 2... watch out, Mary!

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Once word got out that stress could do poor Elinor in, a line has formed to see who can cause her the most anguish. Under the guise of sympathy and flowers, Mary closes in for the coup de gras.

Thorpnotized said...

Black walls and Mary's black suit. Something ominous is about to happen. Nice pink privacy curtains, though.

Mike in Cleveland said...

Hi everybody, I'm back!

I like how the tube from the IV is now coming from the top of the bag. As Bender once said on "Futurama," "Aye, the laws of Physics be a harsh mistress."

Also, the IV is feeding into the matress. Maybe this is the SR Hospital equivalent of a Sleep-Number bed.