Friday, August 30, 2013

Mary Worth 1,665

On her way from the mailbox, Mary stops to punch in for another day of forced exercise and therapy at the Pax Wellness "Resort and Spa."

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heydave said...

For it is not always better to heed the words of the wise elders such as I and ignore untrue policies, irrespective of their basis in such mundane and arcane concerns as actually being qualified to render psychoanalytic advice in a fluffy spa setting?

KitKat said...

Is that a Univac computer?

What I'd like to ask Mary: If Shannon was the overweight nebbishy person and Aggie the svelte brunette, would you still defend Shannon and accuse Aggie? Just wondering...

fauxprof said...

In response to Nance's suggestion, yesterday, that we comment in verse or haiku:

There once was a meddler named Mary
Whose platitudes never did vary
At a dull desert spa
She assumed force of law
And the owners had better be wary

(hey, a limerick. Counts as verse, doesn't it?)

Nance said...

Look out for Man Hands!
Administrator, beware.
She'll rip your face off.

Do Mary's bidding:
Keep Shannon; no one gets hurt.
Think of Pax Wellness!

heydave said...

Oh healing beauty!
Or is that just ol' Mary?
Don't smell too closely.

Anonymous said...

Many mailboxes
How to know which one to choose?
Somehow, Mary knows

Gina said...

Do you think Aggie overreacted? I'm not sure. They've only told us 147 times.

Yahoonski said...

If Aggie never complained, then the only way they would know that Shannon offended her would be from Mary's letter, which may well be the trigger that gets Shannon fired. Nice work, Worth.

KitKat said...

Mary ruminates:
Aggie will ruin Shannon!
Must think in boldface...

Anonymous said...

Will the admistrator be more receptive to feedback than Ms.Moy?

JustSayin' said...

So Shannon might get fired just because one person with anger issues complained... Yes, that's realistic. As realistic as everything else in the Worthiverse...

Why is it this thin plot is going on forever while the Beth/TomDear story which had LOTS more potential lasted less than half the time??

Duckduck Goose said...
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Anonymous said...

As Mary was writing her note,
She thought that the spa was quite haute.
But Aggie was right
Shannon's really a blight,
And the spa's not giving Mary a vote!

Anonymous said...

Aggie has complaints
Mary comes to the rescue
Shannon's ass, covered

Duckduck Goose said...

So I take it this conflict is our plot.
Restorative and relaxing it's not.
We already know from Thorp's spoiler,
that it thoroughly embroils her
which is good. For Mary
air's easier to breathe when it's hot.

Thanks for the suggestion, Nance. Always better when I can respond to boredom with creativity.

heydave said...

This "plot;" it brings pain.
When will Mary release us?
Not this life, I fear.

Leila Louise said...

With a wing, not a hand, she delivers
While the Pax Wellness management quivers
They know Mary's a coot
And a meddler to boot
So they're off hiding, pickling their livers.

Jack Worth said...

Arrival at Pax
Something new to be had here
Different meddling

Met the widow June
Platitudes abound
Grief, love, and loss.

Made her a convert
To Mary Worths thinking
Meddling is youth.

Write this letter slow,
Her soul will be indebted
But her job, (grin), mine.

Meddling at Pax
Meddling at Charterstone
Meddling is life.