Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mary Worth 1,666


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fauxprof said...

She's got a picture of Toby on her nightstand? Not Dr. Jeff or dead Jack, but Toby? And she takes it with her on vacation?

I feel a mite queasy.

Nance said...

Mary's painting of
Huge desert carrots is
Oddly compelling.

Dave in Parma said...

"Here I come to save the day.....!'

So glad Mary was able to get her finger dislodged from the orange rock in panel 1. looks like she's taking a small grey brick to the 'discussion' in case the 'administrator' needs any 'convincing."

Yahoonski said...

We're sure seeing a lot more of Mary and her physical charms in this story than we're used to. She's spilling over into other strips, too. In the first panel of today's Crankshaft, they're betting on how long it will take the administrator to ban her from the spa.

heydave said...

Yeah, this reality.
Believe this cause and effect?
This bridge is for you!

KitKat said...

Save Shannon's bacon?
Watch out old meddler Mary!
Long walk off short pier...

Duckduck Goose said...

melancholy void
lackluster, desert, orange
disembodied voice

one of them wants her.

second circle of sad hell
she can go there now

wv: icycle

Sandi Ego said...

Cordless phone at spa
Pax trusts a guest won't steal it
I bet Aggie will

meg said...

Never knew Mary was tall
Thighs stretch across bed
Shaquille O'Neal's great granny?

heydave said...

A Labor Day ploy!
Let's save Shannon the worker.
But what does she do?

Dave in Parma said...

There really is no truth
That Aggie got her fired;
It's her meth problem.

Vicki said...

don't even want to know what those specks are on Mary's headboard!