Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mary Worth 1,667

All things in their season. Perhaps next spring.

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Thorpnotized said...

I wonder if Mary included in her letter to the administration that she writes "Ask Wendy", to bolster her credibility in this whole Shannon/Aggie matter.

KitKat said...

Why would Shannon want to work at a place that pays so poorly she has only one set of clothes and earrings?

Duckduck Goose said...

Her severance package will include a bumper sticker:

Pax Wellness Center, Tucson

heydave said...

It was all a tease.
To see the great director,
But not hear a word?

You know who I am?
Blabs high and mighty Mary.
It's all about me!

Yahoonski said...

Just because something's true doesn't mean it's worth saying.

Anonymous said...

I, the great and magnificent Mary Worth, am the final arbiter of what is true so fear not Shannon! Your job is secure. And now that your problem is solved, I'm off to take Aggie on a restorative walk to view the beauty of nature so that I may inform her of the error of her ways and cure her of her oversensitivity!

And then, I'll check in on bored bureaucrat-man to get him to see the error of HIS ways.

And then, I'll check in with widow lady to make sure she still sees the error of HER ways.

And then, I'll have some agua...

meg said...

Scam Artist Aggie:
Bad Shannon hurt my fee-fees
Give me free spa stay

Great Meddler Mary:
Shannon's a great yogini
Aggie's sensitive

Clueless git Shannon:
Review past interactions
What, me worry? No

Jack Worth said...

Mary: "I only said what I know to be true". Like, you are a great YOGA teacher and the you should not be fired from being a YOGA teacher. I really enjoyed your YOGA class, and maybe Aggie should take up YOGA to release stress. I then suggested that you should review your past interactions in the YOGA class for ways to avoid conflicts in the future.

Shannon: What did you say about the sharing circle?

Mary: Don't dwell on the past dear. Just look at the restorative power of nature outside, drink water and know that Mary Worth will save our job as a YOGA instructor....Now, I have to go. My new shari...knitting class is about to start. Knitting. So relaxing.

NonnyMus said...

What the hell is Shannon doing with her hand? Is it shadow puppet time or something??

Shmoopie said...

What a transformation! Shannon used to be such a confident person. Now look at her - dopey, weepy, beaten down and apparently fearful of her own puppet hand. In other words, she is becoming a typical young female in Mary's world.

I want to see more of Aggie or Blue Bureaucrat Man. At least they had some spunk!

PS: LOVE all you poets out there. So much talent!

Anonymous said...

Nobody around
Sea gull falls in the desert
Does it make a noise?

Gina said...

Did the director
Get a word in edgewise? We'll
Never know, alas.

Dave in Parma said...

The bland salmon scrubs
Signify her importance:
Doctor of Meddle

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Fire them all.

Anonymous said...

Please people, I appreciate everyone's contributions but.. for those of you who do not get what a Haiku is, please knock it off. A Haiku is: three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons. I'm sorry... the heat in this desert oasis is making me cranky....

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I have to add... there is no such thing as a SEAGULL... there are gulls.... black-backed gulls; herring gulls to name just two. But there is NO SUCH THING as a seagull... Wow, what's up with me tonight?

Duckduck Goose said...

desert censure-gull
a hoot breaks the blogsphere calm
return to silence

Not Worthy said...

Pax Wellness Resort
Orange Rocks, Cacti, and Gulls
Restorative Nature

meg said...

Some anonymous
Need milk of magnesia
Sweeten you right up

Knock It Off said...

Sadly, cranky Haiku critic (aka Aggie?) does NOT appreciate everyone's contributions! I think I will write a letter to a resort administrator to complain.