Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mary Worth 1,684

I sure can identify with Wilbur's preference for local faire. Last week, Mrs. Wanders and I hopped into our 1993 Oldsmobile (another story for another day) and took the Road to Damascus. The Road to Damascus is one of our favorite drives. Something wonderful always happens along the way. This time, we discovered our new favorite chicken shack, Red Rooster. Hidden away behind the main business strip in Damascus, Maryland, the Red Rooster is a little carry-out chicken shoppe that has been around for decades and definitely puts KFC to shame. We bought enough chicken to bring home and share with the family (it was still warm by the time we got home), and we are definitely going back.

A special thank you to everyone who has contributed during our week of fund raising. Now that Mary's back in Santa Royale, Dr. Jeff is going to be raising a lot less money, and somebody has to pick up the slack! I am convinced that the Citizens of Santa Royale (the readers of this blog), are some of the most generous humans in the galaxy, and that includes Alpha-Gamma 2375-p17.

Today's Full Strip


Anonymous said...

"Uh, Mary, I don't know how to tell you this but... I really DON'T like extra mustard. Oh yeah and also, you're fired as 'Ask Wendy'. The editor has been getting complaints. People think you're an out of touch, pontificating wind-bag. And I mean this in the nicest way."

fauxprof said...

Really, the sandwiches at Jerry's are just wonderful. A slice of baloney between two slices of Wonder bread--oh, wait, that's the hunger center at St . Bernard's downtown.

heydave said...

Srsly folks, I spend some time in our local free kitchen and can attest that my fellow volunteers would be ashamed if the best we could come up with is craptastic little sandwiches... with extra mustard.

And double srsly, adding the "PE" to shop is pretentious even for Santa Royale.

(Which is known in France as Double-With-Cheese-Town)

KitKat said...

The ants are on the move, waiting for Wonder Bread crumbs to hit the floor. Wilbur does appear to be a messy eater - just look at the way he's holding that sandwich. It also looks like Wilbur's arms have gotten tattooed.

Anonymous said...

Good going Wilbur - get that sandwich in your hands before letting loose with the bad news for Mary.

Nance said...

Does Wilbur (or Mary, for that matter) really need both hands to eat that pedestrian little sandwich?

How is Jerry's staying open if their entire business model is predicated upon Extra Mustard?

Finally, do you think Wilbur has been drafted by Charterstone's Association to broach the subject of that terrible black mold/rash that has spread across the side of Mary's face?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jerry's Sandwich Shop, the one that went out of business two years ago.