Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mary Worth 1,693

Today's strip blows my mind. This first panel especially. Mary Worth is reading Love and Other Stories of Mary Worth by Karen Moy and Joe Giella. How in the world is she gonna feel when she gets to the end of the story about her stalker Aldo Kelrast and sees him drive off the cliff? It took her literally hours to get past feeling responsible for his death, and this is going to open up old wounds for sure. She's really going to need serious therapy.

Also,the Robert Frost quote doesn't really seem to have anything to do with the rest of the strip.

Today's Full Strip


fauxprof said...

Jeff's good news is about that big bucks contributor I told you about the other day--the glamorous divorcee. Be prepared for a fall, Mary. And where does good ol' Shelley Cohen figure into it? Could SHE be the new rival?

Incidentally, Mary is reading her unauthorized graphic biography and making notes for the coming lawsuit.

Nance said...

Mary's SOCIAL calendar is really filling up. That's enough of a relevance to the Frost quote for KM.

I feel bad for Shelly Cohen: she didn't rate a floating head.

KitKat said...

A sunset cruise and dinner at the Bum Boat. The more things in the Worthiverse change the more they stay the same. Where else do phones go "Ring ring!"?

Thank goodness Wanders alerted us to the actual first panel today (not in the Plain Dealer). Mary reading the Mot/Giella opus signifies a rift in the space/time continuum! Battle stations - all hands on deck!

KitKat said...

Meant to type "Moy." This Kindle Fire keyboard is awful.

Wanders said...

Kit Kat. You won't find secret messagesn your Kindle either. If you had, you would realize it is the lamp that is ringing. Not the phone.

TeacherPatti said...

Wait a minute. All this time I thought people were being snarky about Moy and the other one having a book called Love and Other Stories. OMG...I just Googled it and it's a THING. Oh my stomach hurts now.

Jack Worth said...

I guess her calendar is full....up until now it looked like this:

October 6 11:45: Visit Beth, Tom and Elinor to see if I can help with their relationship issues, that I'm sure they must have by now.
October 6 12:00: Passive
October 6 12:15: Aggressive
October 6 12:30: Passive
October 6 12:45: Aggressive
October 6 1:00: Email Dawn about her new hair do. It's nice that she tries new things. If that was the look she was going for, she achieved it!
October 6 1:15: Aggressive
October 6 1:30: Passive
October 6 1:45: Aggressive
October 6 2:00: Call Toby and let her know that her clown paintings look great, for someone of her particular skill set.
October 6 2:15: Passive
October 6 2:15: Aggressive
October 6 2:30: Passive
October 6 2:45: Aggressive
October 6 3:00: Email Bonnie Johnson to let her know that Tommy (and his tiny bible) are welcome here at Charterstone, since the ankle bracelet will keep him from doing anything rash.
October 6 3:15: Aggressive
October 6 3:30: Passive
October 6 3:45: Hand written note to Shannon to remind her of how I saved her job, no matter how unqualified she was to do it.
October 6 4:00 Dinner
October 6 4:15: Dinner
October 6 4:30: Water
October 6 4:45: Gin...I mean more water.
October 6 5:00: Wheel
October 6 5:15: Wheel
October 6 5:30: Jeopardy
October 6 5:45: Wish Wheel was on for an hour. E-mail tv studio about it.
October 6 6:00: Murder, She Wrote re-run.
October 6 6:15: Murder, She Wrote re-run.
October 6 6:30: Murder, She Wrote re-run.
October 6 6:45: Murder, She Wrote re-run.
October 6 7:00: Contemplate my own shortcomings.
October 6 7:01: Call Wilbur and make sure he wants to take back Wendy. I mean, he really DOES have a lot on his plate, with Dawn and all.
October 6 7:15: Passive
October 6 7:30: Aggressive
October 6 7:45: Passive
October 6 8:00: Aggressive
October 6 8:15: Bed. I need to get up pretty early, now with Shelly's e-mail AND a dinner cruise to fit into this hectic life!

Peggy Olson said...

Jack Worth, your schedule is complete except for one important appointment. Mary is due for her blue rinse and hair bun touch-up at Salon.

It's just not proper to attend a cruise and dinner date without a fresh, matronly hairdo.

I agree with fauxprof. Jeff's big news includes a fabulous Peace Village trip with a sexy divorcee who does NOT reject Jeff's proposals (if you know what I mean). Mary may need to ask Shannon for some one-on-one counseling!

Shmoopie said...

Cha-ching!! Product placement is as subtle as everything else in this strip. Well played M&G!

heydave said...

I catch up on this and forget to brace myself beforehand for the surreal air of it all.

Now MY head feels like it's floating in clouds!

Thorpnotized said...

The Robert Frost quote might be in reference to Dr. Jeff inviting Mary on a sunset cruise and then dinner. He continues to be nice to him while she treats him like dirt.

Thorpnotized said...

OOPS! Forgot to proofread my post. I meant to say, "He continues to be nice to her while she treats him like dirt."

My PYNAR word today was "frtnger". I always like to Google the really weird ones to see what comes up. Evidently Frtnger can be a person's last name. Maybe can use it as a character name in the next plot.

Thorpnotized said...

* "Maybe Moy can use it ..."

Yahoonski said...

I think the book is a directory called "Love and Other Stores Where You Can Buy Toys and Other Fun Products for Adults." And that's the big news she has for Jeff.

Wanders said...

Yahoonski. Family Friendlier please.

Anonymous said...

To Wanders, fauxprof (Sarah) and my fellow bloggers: In the event that you didn't see my comment on yesterday's you all, and I hope that this wonderful blog goes on forever!! <3
@Jack Worth (11:22): lol!!!

KitKat said...


Today's second panel reminds me of the Kiddie Park boat rides I went on in my childhood. The boats went in a big circle (just like the Mary-Jeff relationship), and I clutched a steering wheel just like Jeff's doing. Unlike Jeff, I did not wear a Ricky Ricardo jacket that matched my hair color.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Kit Kat has a perfect anology for Moy's writing. Just like the Kiddie Park boat rides, her writing moves along quite slowly and ultimately goes nowhere.

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