Monday, October 7, 2013

Mary Worth 1,693

The anticipation is killing me. They both have news for one another. Mary's, no doubt, has something to do with Dear Old Shelly Cohen coming to visit. But, Jeff... What could Jeff's news be? We could be embarking on the greatest Mary Worth story of all time. Better than last year's Italian Vacation. Better even than the Death of Aldo Kelrast. I'm serious. This is the one we've been waiting for!

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KitKat said...

I'm no sailor, but is that boat riding awfully low in the water? Maybe Mary and Jeff should skip dinner.

For the remainder of the week, Mary and Jeff will discuss who tells his/her news first.

Jack Worth said...

I agree with KitKat.

Tomorrow's panel one will be:

Mary: Jeff you tell me your news.

Panel two:

Jeff: Mary, I'm sure yours is more important.

Then Wednesday will be the same idea, just less words until by Saturday it's both of them with question marks in thought bubbles.

Anonymous said...

"DO you Jeff?? DO you have news for me? Well, never mind about that because I have news for YOU and whatever it is I have to say is obviously more important than whatever news YOU have!"

Oh, please, please, please, let Dr. Jeff tell Mary that he's found someone else to take on sunset cruises and lovely meals at somewhere much nicer than that cut-rate Bum Boat eatery. But then, that would entail a real plot line and we know that could never happen...

heydave said...

I am so hoping for a not-happy ending to this nonsense.

Yes, it may be stellar, but it's stellar nonsense and Mary is making me crazy.

meg said...

Here's where dear old Shelly comes in: she's coming to visit Mary for Thanksgiving, and this year is special. The first night of Hanukkah coincides with Thanksgiving, so the holiday is being called Thanksgivukkah, and we'll light the menurkey instead of the menorah.

Moy can give herself a little checkmark for diversity; we'll have another elderly lady from New York to mock and/or admire; and if we're very good, we may be treated to a senior love triangle. Then Shelly will disappear, never again to be seen or mentioned.

Sorry to spoil it for everyone.

Thorpnotized said...

OK, so today's depiction of Jeff is more like I remember him. I'm not sure who that that guy was Mary was picturing in her thought bubble on Friday, but it wasn't this Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Did Jeff start dating Elinor while Mary was at PAX?

Nance said...

Everyone needs to SETTLE DOWN.

Not only won't we get any news until NEXT Monday, it will be this:

Mary: Wilbur took back the "Ask Wendy" column.

Jeff: I'll be staying in Santa Royale for a while now. My fundraising goals are met.

Anonymous said...

I'm just hoping that Jeff has somehow met and fallen in love with Shelly Cohen.

Vicki said...

wouldn't the normal response be "you do?". Her "Do you, Jeff?" comes across a bit accusatory. I think Jeff's news is, Aggie has been leaving threatening messages on his answering machine! She's been stalking him, looking for Mary.

Santa Royale PD said...

Hmmm.... Dr. Jeff's boat looks eerily like Dexter's (serial killer from Showtime). I think we have found the source of all the floating heads. Could Dr. Jeff have a kill room waiting for Mary below deck?