Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mary Worth 1760

Mary Worth is not the only one who just got home today. I got home as well. And, yes, I too brought home a mug, only mine was from Disney World, and I drink liquid from it, not mashed potatoes. We had a wonderful time, but two of us came home with a really horrible chest cough, and that combined with the Eastern storm made getting home quite an adventure. And not the fun kind of Jungle Cruise Adventureland adventure either. It's good to be home.

Today's Full Strip


Delilah said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound! All the MW&M disciples have missed you!

KitKat said...

Welcome back, Wanders (and family)! We've been basking in the post-Worthy Awards glow for a week, and we're ready for more MW & M.

Thursday's strip: Lovebirds (love gulls?) Mary and Jeff have been apart for months, and all they can talk about is the weather? "It was cold!" "It was too hot!" Will Goldilocks clamber aboard and remark, "Now it's just right!"?

Jeff and Mary appear to be wearing the same clothes from yesterday.

Thorpnotized said...

Thursday's horizon lines are making me seasick.

Joolz said...

Ah, the NY mug (and all it implies) on the bottom left of the panel, and Jeff's mug in a frame on the top right ... the dramatic tension is strong today.

fauxprof said...

Mary might want to go a little easy on the marshmallows in her hot chocolate (Wednesday) especially after all that raspberry pizza in New York. Salmon squares are much healthier.

Regina The NY Diva said...

Welcome back Wanders!!! You have been missed.

I think that's Mary's shaving mug and the"mashed potatoes" are really shaving cream. Being from NY, I (or any true NYer for that matter) would NEVER be caught dead with a shaving mug that says I "heart" NY.

Wanders, you missed the 2K floating head as Mary was returning from her three month sojourn in NY. Hopefully, it will be a front runner in next year's "Worthy Awards".

WV phrase: "needsor head" (sorta appropriate since I talked about floating heads "Mary needsor thinks of floating head.")

Anonymous said...

That's Jeff in the picture frame? I thought it was Quasimoto.

Welcome back Wanders :-)