Friday, May 23, 2014

Mary Worth 1818

Here's a little lesson on family from the godfather of all godfathers.

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KitKat said...

Tommy" "Family?"

Jerry: "Yes, family! For example, note the home-like atmosphere I've so carefully cultivated for my office. The desk blotter and phone rock a retro vibe, and the rug cost me $37.50 at SantaRoyMart."

If Tommy knows what's good for him, he'll say, "Thanks, but no thanks" and beat it.

Mary'sHairHelmet said...

Perfect! It'll be like a day-treatment program for Tommy.

Prediction: he'll take/get the job. Time passes. His old druggy buddies come by the restaurant and try to shame him into being pulled back into the "life". His new "family" will see what's happening and intervene. And by "family", I mean a cute young waitress. They fall in love, get married and at the wedding, Tommy gives a toast to the person most responsible for this turnaround: the Magnificent Mary Worth!

I hope I'm wrong. That would be too nauseating to sit through for the next year and a half...

Toots McGee said...

"Look here, Tommy, what I'm looking for in an employee is a certain, ethical malleability."

Look, Jerry's got a full set of the Encyclopedia of Sandwiches, so he's a scholarly criminal, at least.

Nance said...

...or is that "godsfather"? Just wondering...!

@Mary'sHairHelmet--Please. That would be what is known as a Real Plot. We don't have those here.

What WILL happen is this: Tommy takes the job. Iris thanks Wilbur. We never hear from Iris or Tommy again. The End.

Now settle down.

Aldo K said...

I'd advise Tommy to be very suspicious of any owner of a midtown sandwich shop who has such a pleasantly furnished office, complete with a large collection of books (on sandwiches?), a huge telephone/calculator/fax machine, and an impressive desk and boss chair. This is no ordinary sandwich shop, struggling with low profit margins. There must be more to this family business than meets the eye.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

So the sandwich shop is a front for drug distribution. No wonder it's so popular. Now it makes sense why they can use a "janitor" with Tommy's experience who will become a member of the "family". Thanks, Mary! Tommy is perfect for the job afterall. And we thought Moy had no imagination.

Anonymous said...

Next part of the interview: Tommy, take this unmarked package and deliver it to a guy in a purple shirt behind the bowling alley. He'll give you a small, blue duffle bag. Bring it back to me. If you do that you've got the job and will be a member of this family.