Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mary Worth 1843

Evy, if there's one thing I've learned while reading Mary Worth, it is to Never Ask Why. I mean, "Why are you sharing a deck chair?" "Why is it so loosely weaved?" "Why is Ed crammed into the armrest?" "Why does your left knee look like your right knee, or vice versa?" "Why doesn't Ed have nipples?" This is just one panel. No, Evy, never ask why. Just accept it and move on.

However, if you want to ask "who" and "how," please read this charming little profile on Giella and Moy.

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Peggy Olson said...

Wanders, you ask some very good questions NOT to ask.

Here's another one: Is Mary Worth really 60-something? (Maybe that's in dog years.)

Happy Fourth, Worthiers. For the Charterstone holiday pool party, MW and Olive are preparing red-white-blue chicken salad appetizers.

KitKat said...

Ditto @Peggy Olson's comment - Mary has been "60-something" since 1943. Maybe Ponce de Leon should have gone to Santa Royale, California, instead of Florida.

I would never seek medical attention from a sleazy lowlife like Ed Taylor. If he's really an "emergency room doctor," maybe he has a little oxycodon-sales business on the side. And, Evy's cleavage is advancing at an alarming rate. If Dr. Jeff attends the Charterstone Independence Day Pool Party, his eyes may fall out of their sockets when he sees her (despite Mary displaying her own charms in that fetching purple short set).

Nance said...

Why is Evy suddenly a hottie again?
Why does it look like Ed is shoving all the bulk of his chest over to one side?
Why are Evy and Ed so sex-starved?
Why can't they sit on separate chaise longues, ever?
Don't they have pools in NYC?

I feel like it's time for Toby to make an appearance. If Olive is afraid of pools, it's a good bet she has other fears, too. Like clowns.

heydave said...

Tee-hee, why do we even care?

Toots McGee said...

Interesting linked profile. (Tom or Tommy might want to think about running that past an editor or two).

I wish that the lounge chair thing didn't bother me as much as it does. Tee Hee Oh Eddie cannot possibly be comfortable with the arm rest sticking him right in the back.

Did Karen Moy view the recent movie The Way, Way Back about a kid who goes on summer vacation with his mother and her amorous boyfriend and finds more acceptable role models at a crappy old water park? Nature walks and pie baking are just as much fun as water slides, also Karen Moy has borrowed a little bit from The Shining to pump up the drama.

Mike in Cleveland said...

And Happy Fourth to you Peggy, and to everyone. I get to see my little niece coming to visit this weekend for her fifth birthday. And speaking of good questions, she's always asking them: How did the world get here? What's it like inside my body? And (yep) Why is the sky blue? I praise her for asking such good questions and try to answer in a way she can understand.

Last time she visited, she asked me as I was putting her to bed, "Uncle Mike, what's a good question I haven't asked yet?"

Delilah said...

Why do men in the Worthiverse not have nipples?

fauxprof said...


Happy Fourth, friends. Olive's precog talents are growing stronger. It seems that Mary has done something to offend the Dryads, or perhaps the Ents. In a secondary mystery, purple is a notoriously difficult color to match; yet Mary has managed to find a shirt, shorts, and even sneakers from the same dye lot!

Peggy Olson said...

fauxprof: Mary's fetching purple ensemble is from the Summer 1962 collection by Alfred Dunner, available at all fine Gimbels stores.

Regarding Friday's Panel Two:
KitKat, I think Giella is the one discovering the Santa Royale fountain of youth. He draws ants on every wall and surface, but Mrs. AARP's legs are line-free. There's not a varicose vein in sight!

KitKat said...

Maybe Mary will adopt Olive as her protégée. Evy and Ef will either not notice their daughter's absence or will be delighted.

Anonymous said...

Better question, Delilah, Why do men in the rest of the world have them?

Yahoonski said...

Many years ago, after making the observation, I started writing a poem called "Mark Trail Has No Nipples." I don't think I ever finished the poem, but it's still true, and if Mark can't have them, I don't see why this poolside lothario should get any.