Friday, July 4, 2014

Mary Worth1844

Normally, a broken branch that can fall on someone is called a "widow maker," but what do you call them if the victim is already a widow? Don't worry, it's just a rhetorical question.

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TimP said...

That branch appears to, at best, be something that would give you a bad bump on the head. Regardless, I don't for a moment believe that it could even put the slightest dent in Mary's hair helmet.

I Am Not A Robot said...

Really... purple walking shoes that match your short outfit, Mary?

Anyway, I agree with TimP about the protection certainly afforded Mary by her hair helmet. It would take a lot more than that little branch to do some real damage there.

I wonder if Mary is starting to think she's living on borrowed time: first she averts getting killed by the NY mugger, then avoids getting run over by a NY cab and now this!

Sandi Ego said...

Forget the racetrack, Vegas is calling.

meg said...

Uncle Joe must have been thrilled with this strip. THUD! WHOA! YEAH!
W-WHAT? Too bad no What Th'? or POW!

Sandi Ego: watch this space for further developments.

Peggy Olson said...

There was a marathon today of the original Batman TV series. The Purple Walker could have been a special guest villain.

"Holy Widow-maker, Batman!"

Thud! Whoa! Yeah!

Delilah said...

Who knew they made orthopedic walking shoes in purple!

Yahoonski said...

Suddenly her sixty-something companion has been replaced by JOEY LAWRENCE! Just another day at the office for this kid.