Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mary Worth 1886

Barometer is the perfect metaphor in this situation because Olive was born in 2007 and is interested in the sudden fluctuations of atmospheric pressure.

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Nance said...

Is Mary giving the "Live Long And Prosper" Spock hand sign?

(I'm not a Star Trek fan, so I'm not sure what to call it. My apologies.)

NonnyMus said...


Nope. The Vulcan sign is with the pinky and ring finger together and the index and middle fingers together.

Mary is displaying an appropriate hand sign because she has no Vulcan-like rationality whatsoever!

Toots McGee said...

Barometers are for external use only, Mary!

Was the guy that Dr. Kapuht killed on the operating table a BAD person? What does your barometer tell you, little Olive Loaf? Did you meet him? Did he look funny, maybe a little too sweaty? Maybe he was picky about the order of toppings placement on his Subway sub. Was it karma for Kapuht to execute him for his crimes? Are their O.R. fairies that drop surgical instruments into patients to assist with maintaining a proper order to the universe?

I have a lot of questions that need answers. It is the nature of Mary Worth to fill me with these questions and it is also the nature of Mary Worth to not care a lick if I ever get answers.

I almost said bring on the pool party without thinking about the drowning incident and how inappropriate that might be. Then I realized that a pool party would be the most fitting end to this story.

Bring on the pool party.

KitKat said...

I wonder if Olive's inner barometer is saying it's time to go back to school in NYC. I'm sure ready for the Taylors to vamoose. Of course, Mary may not be able to bring herself to part with Olive as Olive is the only one who is willing to listen to Mary-Speak.

Anonymous said...

Olive seems to be morphing into an adult as Mary turns into a curiously wizened child.

I Am Not A Robot said...

There is something highly disturbing about this child. (Kudos to Toots McGee for the Olive Loaf reference!)

Besides being so unbelievably "perceptive", she seems bit too self-confident for a child her age. Thus, she is perfectly suited for the Worthiverse where reality is but an obscure concept.

birdie said...

Why is Mary toppling over? Is that Mary, or is it some kind of cardboard likeness of Mary that Olive practices her powers on?

TimP said...

Hmmmm. I dunno about this one, my inner feelings are more like my only true sphygmomanometer. I guess they both measure pressure but this one has got me stumped.

r u ok? said...

No photos of flower fairies.

No fence around the pool.

No swimming lessons for Olive.

No kangaroo court for Dr. Kapuht with a public execution.

No Dr. Jeff - is Mary on the outs with him now?

So many loose ends. Oh well, off to the next story.