Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mary Worth 1887

Wellll... It's not exactly impossible, is it Mary. Nothing is impossible, if you just believe in yourself. And Mary Worth certainly believes in herself.

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fauxprof said...

Shouldn't we be getting Olive back to school? She has to travel all the way to England to catch the Hogwart's Express, after all.

Regina the NY Diva said...

Mary's face in this panel is absolutely terrifying. She looks like a cross between the Joker and Spike from Gremlins.

Nance said...

Did Mary make those birds appear?
Are they going to alight on her outstretched palm?

(More garbled dialogue in Panel Two:
Olive: Then I know it's truth?
Readers Everywhere: HUH?)

KitKat said...

Olive: "Then I know it's truth?"

Mary: "No, it means you have food poisoning."

Argh, there's so much craziness today, I don't know where to begin. Is Karen Moy messing with us? 1. We all know Mary thinks she's ALWAYS right about everything ALL the time. 2. Who (especially a child) would say "I know it's truth" rather than "I know it's true"? 3. An unshakable feeling that comes from deep within that's felt "almost physically" can be wrong, wrong, wrong AND perhaps dangerous. SHEESH!

birdie said...

Just to keep Olive from getting too smug, Mary shows off her own powers by creating and releasing two birds as she talks.

NonnyMus said...

Wouldn't Mary Worth be a great strip if Mary gently questioned Olive about her hallucinations and then deftly advised her parents to keep an eye on the frequency and severity of those hallucinations? Instead we have a deranged person advising a possibly schizophrenic child that her delusions are truth, especially if they are strong!

Yikes! I certainly hope Karen Moy doesn't have kids!!

heydave said...

What in tarnation is this jibber jabber?

Anonymous said...

Mary mimics having a 'hunch'.